Whorticulture – The New Novel by Marie-Anne Mancio Out Now

With an eclectic cast, crime, passion, lies and lovers, Whorticulture is the gripping debut novel from acclaimed artist and writer, Marie-Anne Mancio. Set in the aftermath of the American Revolution, coloured by the harsh realities of the antebellum era, the lives of four young women are inextricably linked by the men they love.

As a girl waits for the return of her disappeared father, the story of four migrant women unravels. Katharine Mae, a daydreamer from the country gets an unexpected education on the Mississippi river when she is left unchaperoned. Abigail, a storekeeper, falls in love with a thief amid the chaos of Gold Rush San Francisco; Seraphine, a fugitive quadroon from the South, re-invents herself in a New York brothel; and Emily, a young bride is trapped on a Louisiana sugar plantation with her violent husband.

Strewn with allusions to the coded language of flowers and set against a backdrop of hardship, discovery, choices and sacrifices, Whorticulture is a keenly observed and well researched tale of prostitution in its myriad forms.

Penned by author Marie-Anne Mancio, Whorticulture was inspired by the story of a female murderer in New Orleans. Ms Mancio trained as an artist in performative practice at Manchester Metropolitan University prior to undertaking DPhil and MPhil courses at the University of Sussex and Glasgow University. In the late 1990s, she worked as a high class prostitute in London and was instrumental in a campaign to promote the decriminalisation of prostitution, writing an article about her experiences for The Independent on Sunday.

Ms Mancio’s recent works include Pocket Bible (2011), an exhibit created for New York artist duo Praxis & actor-artist James Franco's Museum of Non-Visible Art (MONA). Describing her work as an historic metaphor to comment on the present, she describes Whorticulture as, “A tender, lyrical tragedy.”

A gripping page turner that keeps readers enthralled from beginning to end, Whorticulture is a perfect summer read. The book contains a helpful discussion guide for book groups and a flower dictionary.

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