whym gives holidaymakers peace of mind when traveling abroad this summer

With the summer holiday season fast approaching, many will be getting ready to set off on an adventure. However for those travelling abroad, the risks of travelling to a foreign country can play on people’s minds. Losing a passport, having money stolen or being faced with a medical emergency are just some of the unexpected situations that people can face. However whym, (the UK’s) a new app that makes communication between two people who don’t speak the same language simple, is urging holidaymakers to put fears to the back of their minds and enjoy their time away.

470,000 British holidaymakers got into trouble while away between April 2014 and March 2015. And although there are procedures in place to ensure people aren’t left high and dry, sometimes it would be handy – if not imperative – for people to understand what is going on there and then. whym is designed to put people’s minds at rest, providing them with instant access to a live interpreter at the tap of a button on a smartphone. Providing accurate translation in over 10 languages, whym’s friendly, professional interpreters deliver their services when they are most needed.

Emilie Naudé, Marketing Manager at whym, said, “We all look forward to our annual holiday. A time when we can relax, explore new cultures and forget about the stresses of everyday life. However for those who find themselves in an unprecedented situation, a dream holiday can turn into a nightmare. whym gives travellers peace of mind, and allows them to communicate easily and efficiently with people who don’t speak the same language at the touch of a few buttons.”

With a live interpreter on the other end of the phone, whym is like having an interpreter at people’s side, all day, every day. Available 24 hours a day, anywhere in the world, whym is perfect for single travellers, couples, families and business people who need fast and accurate translation services.

Available on Android and IOS, whym harnesses technology to its fullest, and utilises one of the world’s most common pieces of technology in order to potentially help save people’s lives.

To find out more about whym, and discover how the innovative app can help put people’s minds at rest when travelling abroad, visit the website: http://www.whym.global/  

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whym takes the stress out of travelling aboard. Ideal for single travellers and families, it gives people back control when they find themselves in an unprecedented situation, such as a car crash or medical emergency. Perfect for business people who need fast, reliable translation at the touch of a button, our friendly interpreters deliver accuracy when it really matters and allow people to be prepared for the unexpected.



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