whym removes the language barrier for individuals and businesses

As the summer holiday season etches ever closer, those travelling to foreign isles will be looking to arm themselves with common terms and phrases in order to make communicating that little bit easier. However a new pioneering app makes struggling to communicate a thing of the past.

whym is an innovative app that gives travellers peace of mind. Providing users with instant access to professional interpreters in over 10 languages, whym is like having an interpreter right there in person. Delivering an accurate, friendly and reliable service when it truly matters, access to a human/live interpreter is ideal for those who find themselves in an emergency situation abroad, or for those on business trips who need to communicate accurately during a business meeting.

Emilie Naudé, Marketing Manager at whym, said, “As travel to other parts of the globe is made easier, people are travelling more and more. Although much of the world’s population speaks English, it is not advised to rely on the fact. whym provides a clever and simple solution for those who find themselves in an emergency situation – or those who need to communicate for business purposes. Providing fast and reliable translation services, users have the added peace of mind of knowing that should they find themselves in trouble, whym is there at their fingertips.”

Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week – anywhere in the world, users pay a small fee for access to five minutes of interpreter talk time per month. Should the time run out, users can simply purchase more time there and then – without leaving the app.

Available on Android and IOS, whym conveniently allows anyone to access a professional interpreter at the tap of a smartphone. Delivering accurate and professional translation services, whym makes communication between two people who don’t speak the same language quick and easy.

To find out more about whym, and discover how the innovative app can help make travelling that much easier, visit the website: http://www.whym.global/

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whym takes the stress out of travelling aboard. Ideal for single travellers and families, it gives people back control when they find themselves in an unprecedented situation, such as a car crash or medical emergency. Perfect for business people who need fast, reliable translation at the touch of a button, our friendly interpreters deliver accuracy when it really matters and allow people to be prepared for the unexpected.



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