WISO Smart Whistle Safety Device Launches In The UK

The intelligent safety device comes with GPS and Bluetooth capabilities, as well as a free companion app for iOS and Android.

Introducing the WISO – a highly advanced personal safety alarm, fully equipped with Bluetooth and GPS technology. The gadget is now officially available in the UK, making it easier than ever for lone workers, students, the elderly and joggers to send distress notifications and enjoy extra peace of mind when they’re out on their own.

The WISO is super simple – it syncs with a free iOS or Android app over Bluetooth and allows users to add up to three emergency contacts. Should the user feel under threat while they’re out and about – perhaps jogging in the park or running an errand late at night – they simply blow on the WISO’s whistle or press the panic button to trigger ‘help needed’ alerts to their chosen contacts.

The app sends an instant message to family and friends using email or SMS, with a link to the user’s GPS location, which updates every three minutes. Updates can be halted if the user presses the ‘I’m Safe’ button in the accompanying app.

Ms Bindu Gor, Marketing Manager at EyeSpy247, the company bringing the WISO to the UK, says, “Personal safety is a real talking point right now, and the WISO offers a simple, straightforward way to gain peace of mind when you’re out in public alone. With two simple ways to trigger an alert – a whistle or a panic button – it’s easy to notify family and friends of a potentially dangerous situation, and the GPS notification could provide an invaluable lifeline for those concerned for their safety.”

“We’ve deliberately ensured that the WISO is simple to use – there’s no need to sign up for an account, as you can login with your existing social media accounts. You don’t need a SIM card to send out alert messages, and at just 12g, the gadget is easy to attach to bags or carry around in a pocket.”

Unlike traditional GPS devices the WISO works well both indoors and outdoors which means better coverage should someone need to raise the alarm or notify a loved one of where they are. As well as sending out the GPS location of the user with each alert, the WISO comes with a number of extra features to boost its safety credentials. The high-pitched audible alarm can scare off potential attackers or thieves, while the ability to record audio to the user’s phone could end up providing valuable evidence in the event of a criminal act.

The WISO comes with a standard CR20342 battery, which has a standby time of up to two months. Low battery alerts are also provided – so as long as user’s pay attention to the alerts and charge the WISO when recommended, they never need to worry about running out of juice when they’re out and about.

A starter pack of ten free SMS alerts are provided with each WISO, and six further SMS alerts are added each month. Additional SMS credits can be purchased on-demand via the app, for people like lone workers who are alone in public more often than others.

For more information, visit the website: http://www.thewiso.com/

To order the WISO, visit the Amazon product page: https://www.amazon.co.uk/WISO-Bluetooth-Personal-Safety-Alarm/dp/B01GEIP50Q/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1468489807&sr=8-1&keywords=wiso

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