Women’s Cycling Given Welcome Boost with Female Tour of Britain Announced

The go-ahead has been given for a women’s version of the Tour of Britain, with the brand new event to be staged in regions all over the UK in 2014. Held over five days in May, high-profile female cyclists have hailed the news, saying that it is a great boost for female cyclists at all levels.

Norma McCaskil of ladies’ bicycle supplier MyBeautifulBike says that plans for the event are incredibly welcome among the female cycling community. “Women’s cycling is now more accessible than ever, and it seems to have shed its image of being a pastime specifically for lycra-clad gym bunnies who hop on their high-spec bikes at 5am every morning. Cycling is now a fantastic hobby that a multitude of women have taken up, and with the introduction of the Tour of Britain, this surge in popularity is being recognised by those within the upper echelons of cycling.” 

Women’s cycling has been growing steadily more prominent in the UK for a while, both at a professional level and out on the streets and the cycle paths. More and more women are taking to their bikes when they need to run errands and get from A to B, and the endless glamour of cyclists like Victoria Pendleton has convinced women that cycling and fashion are not mutually exclusive.

There was a time when the only bikes available were kitted out with garish go-faster stripes and thick, knobbly tired inappropriate for city use. Suppliers like MyBeautifulBike are facilitating the return of the vintage city bike, with sit-up-and-beg style construction and a range of features to ensure comfort when cycling around a city, commuting to work or through a park. Women can now breeze around town in their tea dresses or jeans; there is no need to slip into stretchy gym clothes to get the best out of vintage bicycles, which are manufactured specifically for comfort and style rather than speed and performance. Chain covers, comfortable seats and plenty of storage space make these types of bikes perfect for the modern woman about town.

The Tour of Britain will be reserved for professional cyclists who take the sport very seriously, but it will provide an undoubted boost to all the women who enjoy taking their traditional sit up and beg Dutch bicycles out to the park at weekends, heading for brunch on their vintage bikes or cycling around cities with their shopping in their wicker baskets.

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