wommpomm.com Publishes Debut Video as Part Of Ongoing Political Engagement Project

Politics were confronted head on this month with the publishing of a forceful wommpomm.com you-tube film.  Powerful and emotionally charged, the video offers viewers perspectives on former Prime Minister Tony Blair and his life post public office. In the wake of the video’s flyaway success the creator is reaching out to viewers the public to support further projects and support the cause.

James A Reymond Foundling Father & Creator of wommpomm.com said, “The content of the Pie & Pint video may be seen by some as controversial but it’s information that the British public need to get engaged in politics, services or issues that matter to them. These films may help undecided voters to vote ahead of the 2015 Election Campaign.

Filmed at Essex’s Brightlingsea Yacht Club, ‘Pie & Pint with Sir Bernard Jenkin MP Harwich & North Essex’ was an intense Q&A session one with one of the county’s most well-known Conservatives. As a current MP Sir Bernard Jenkin whose current posts include

  • Member, Draft Protection of Charities Bill (Joint Committee)
  • Member, Parliamentary Privilege (Joint Committee)
  • Member, Liaison Committee (Commons)
  • Member, Public Administration Committee

Sir Bernard was asked to comment on how Mr Blair funds his post Prime Minister life as well as a number of other community and policy related topics. He tackled a broad sweep of blue sky questions including a statement that Tony Blair now rakes in millions of pounds thanks to his internal contacts, Mr Jenkin said, “In the end, if he’s got a problem, it’s his problem. There’s a limit to how much you can control… If you were to say, “Alright, everybody who’s ever been a Minister or Prime Minister, their life is going to be controlled like this forever,” well, you’d never get anybody to be Prime Minister. I mean, being Prime Minister wrecks your life anyway. Can you think of Prime Minister that’s been happy after they’ve been Prime Minister? I can’t.”

In the lead up to the official March 16 release 16.03.2015 wommpomm.com is calling on the community to support the cause, support and participate in future projects and continue to promote positive engagement. Whether it’s local, national or even international, all support and publicity is truly, entirely appreciated.

To find out more about the project visit the website at: wommpomm.com

To watch the full ‘Pie & Pint with Sir Bernard Jenkin MP Harwich & North Essex’ video visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1CZ8H6JdhKE  


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