Worksop Broker Helps Businesses Slash Costs and Boost Social Conscience

A Worksop-based energy and telecoms broker is thinking outside the box and offering customers an electrifying offer that costs nothing, saves cash and helps those in need.  As an independent agent of Switched On Brokers, Robert Mellors has already carried out free quotes for a myriad of local businesses.  His personal brokerage commissions are then used to fund a Resettlement Support Worker for Choice Housing Ltd, a self-built registered not-for-profit organisation that provides support to homeless members of the community. 

As an unbiased agent Mellors does not push a particular utility company or provider.  Instead he offers clients a wide range of options and suppliers to choose from, without the hassle of them having to source quotes.

Mellors, explains, “People can find themselves facing homelessness for all sorts of reasons.  From mental health issues, disabilities and mild learning difficulties, to drugs, alcohol dependency, poor literacy, relationship breakdowns, and poverty, anyone can find themselves sleeping on the streets.  Unfortunately these sorts of issues generally don’t qualify for priority council housing and are not accepted by private landlords.  As a professional broker and Director of Choice Housing Ltd I’m on a mission to combat homelessness and offer vulnerable members of the community the support they need.”

Mellors kick-starts his altruistic scheme by offering local businesses free, no obligation quotations for gas, electricity, and telecoms.  From small independent shops to multi-level factories, all enterprises are eligible.  As the service is 100% free, clients do not incur any expenses.  Savings on the other hand can be extensive.  Earlier in the month Mellors was able to save a local church almost £4000 per year on their gas bill.  This equates to approximately 24% of its annual spend.  When their current fixed term electricity contract comes to an end the church will benefit from further savings to its overheads.

While Britain may have no shortage of energy and telecoms brokers none offer clients the opportunity to harmoniously support the vulnerable members of their local community.  It is this altruistic commitment that sets Mellors apart from the crowd and makes him a responsible choice for any community minded business.  Instead of just being channelled into his personal bank account the brokerage commissions are donated to Choice Housing Ltd for the provision of support to their residents.  The not-for-profit housing association provides a team of support workers to help vulnerable residents in Sheffield, Worksop and Maltby find and sustain their accommodation.  For businesses wanting to save cash and augment a social conscience, this scheme is the ideal solution.

Politicians can also use the not-for-profit organisation as an innovative ‘good practice’ funding model for organisations in their local area.  Rather than rely on state hand-outs and government grants elected officials can encourage organisations to mimic Mellors’ transformative approach and start to generate independent funding.

“There is no government funding available and I don't want to ask for hand-outs from charities or struggling businesses.  That’s why I’ve set up Choice Housing Ltd.  At the heart of the organisation is a mission to generate the funds required to pay for support workers to help residents in need,” adds Mellors.

In the wake of financial cuts to public services, voluntary organisations and charities, Mellors and Choice Housing Ltd are offering local communities a way to fight back and give people the support they need.

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Based in Worksop, Robert Mellors is an independent energy and telecoms agent for Switched on Brokers.  He uses personal brokerage commissions to provide financial support to his self-built not-for-profit organisation, Choice Housing Ltd.  The money is used to support operations and provide vulnerable members of the community with dedicated support workers.  Enlisting the help of Mellors gives businesses a chance to slash overheads while simultaneously giving back to the community.