World’s First Female Exclusive Online Advertising Service Launches

Businesswomen are set to receive a boost this month with the launch of a unique online platform called Sourceabl. Developed by the team behind the UK’s largest festival of female entrepreneurs Women Outside The Box, the brand is part of a vision to help women achieve business success by putting them in touch with service providers who really understand their needs.  At its core, Sourceabl is cutting edge technology built by women, for women.

The launch has created a huge amount of buzz given than Sourceabl will be the world’s first online advertisement brand that caters exclusively to female led businesses. Tapping into the online platform gives female entrepreneurs the opportunity to source quality suppliers who can help them grow.  It’s the next generation of female led enterprise that’s set to support women in claiming their share of the modern economy and building businesses with a competitive edge.

Unlike other business listings and advertising platforms, Sourceabl is curated to ensure services promoted on the site are designed with women in mind.  All individuals and companies wanting to advertise to Sourceabl’s female market are required to sign up to the Sourceabl charter.  Key factors for success working with women are identified as no-obligation advice, clear, affordable pricing and flexibility in delivery. 

The Sourceabl team have already built a buzzing social media presence and advertisers will benefit from this – over 12,000 Twitter followers will hear about what they offer.

Behind Sourceabl is a passionate team committed to creating a unique resource that will help women scale their businesses. With 1.3 million women running a business in the UK and 1 in every 5 businesses in China being led by a woman, the Sourceabl founders are looking to capture a share of this massive new market, potentially making the start-up one of this year’s hottest new tech stars.

Jessi Frey, Owner of The Great Gutsy and non-exec director of Sourceabl said, “I have been a digital product developer for the past 15 years, I’ve worked with companies like Nokia and Microsoft.  I have built and launched and grown several different types of digital online businesses and I will be leveraging my knowledge and my experience, to bring Sourceabl to the market and help it grow.”

Already Sourceabl has received a wildly positive reception from Women Outside The Box members. The brand has been praised for its commitment to empowering female run businesses and creating a dynamic and supportive online hub.

Mel Beeby-Clarke of Ambitious PR said, “I think Sourceabl is a brilliant idea and I think with the rise of female entrepreneurs, mumpreneurs, women that have left jobs to set up on their own, that this is a brilliant marketplace to bring to the fore women’s businesses.

To kick-start  the Sourceabl revolution Women Outside The Box is launching a crowdfunding campaign on which will harness public support and investment.  Watch this space!

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Developed by Women Outside The Box, Sourceabl is a unique platform that caters exclusively to female led businesses. The digital online brand allows women to source a curated selection of suppliers that have the proven ability to help them take their business to the next level.