World’s First Stock Footage App VidLib Now Available on Windows Store

The world’s very first video stock footage app has now launched on the Windows Store. With more than 100,000 royalty-free videos in its archives, VidLib is a revolutionary concept for small businesses, advertising agencies and other creatives who need professional quality footage without a huge price tag.

Having launched officially last month with a limited role out for Windows Phone, the iOS App Store and OSX, VidLib has already racked up more than half a million downloads. With the launch of the app on the Windows Store, VidLib is now available to the approximate 100 million users with a PC or tablet running the Windows 8 operating system.

Mr Jens Wikholm of VidLib says, “The response to VidLib has been incredibly positive so we are very pleased that it is now also available to download via the Windows Store. The app includes a very unique feature in that users can search for stock footage from their desktop PC or tablet at anytime using global search without even needing to launch VidLib directly. We believe this makes for a seamless user experience and elevates the app to an essential piece of kit for anyone who requires video files during the course of their work.”

As well as being the first video stock footage app of its kind, VidLib phas been designed to ehance the user experience, making it unmistakeable asset to any office using or thinking of using multimedia content as part of a branding, online marketing or advertising campaign.

All video clips archived in the VidLib library have been produced by professional videographers and hand-picked for inclusion. The carefully curated selection is suitable for use in a variety of contexts with clips opening in both Adobe Premier and Final Cut as well as being compatible with other editing programs.

With just six clicks, users can complete the entire process of registering, purchasing and downloading one of the 100,000 video clips available on VidLib. There are no lengthy forms and no tedious licensing rules; just simple video downloads which can be used anywhere. As well as standard stock footage, VidLib now also gives users the chance to license full 4k HD content.

To find out more about VidLib and to download today, visit: