Wrap Up ‘I Love You 100 Times’ For the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and CreateSpace Publishing is helping Brits say ‘I love you’ with a romantic gift book that will make any sweetheart swoon. Heartfelt, personal and wonderfully sentimental, ‘I Love You 100 Times’ is the perfect gift for lovers that want to make their Valentine feel absolutely adored.

While Christmas and birthdays usually involve treating a loved one to material gifts, Valentine’s Day is the one occasion that calls for a little more thought. Flowers and chocolates never go unappreciated yet for lovers that really want to show they care, adding a touch of personalisation makes for the perfect present. ‘I Love You 100 Times’ captures the very essence of Valentine’s Day, its personalised pages creating a unique gift that is sure to be treasured forever.

At the heart of the book are 100 blank spaces which the gift giver fills in with their own unique ideas. From heartfelt, serious and sentimental to playful, sexy and cheeky, how gift givers fill in the blank spaces is entirely up to them! Making up the remaining 50% of the book are blank pages designed to be used as a unique expression notepad. Here, gift givers can jot down even more reasons they love their special someone. Whether it’s poetry, song lyrics, quotes, drawings or any other sentimental scribble, the unique expression notepad is the perfect place to let feelings and emotions flow freely. The recipient can even use the space to add in their own personal sentiments.

As well as filling up the inside of the book with romantic words the back cover is also designed to be decorated and personalised with sweet somethings. This ensures that from the moment the recipient unwraps their gift they’ll know that there’s something truly special inside. From then on, just one glimpse at the back cover will let them know that they’re forever cherished. 

The author of the book said, “Valentine’s Day is a time for couples to show they care and ‘I Love You 100 Times’ is the perfect way to do so. Unlike other books its completion relies solely on the feelings and emotions of the gift giver, a characteristic that creates a unique present that will make any recipient see stars.”

Adding to the personalised feel is the book’s hand-writing style font that creates an intimate and secretive aesthetic. When combined with a lover’s own unique handwriting the effect is breathtakingly romantic.

‘I Love You 100 Times’ is available to purchase from Amazon for the affordable price of just £19.50 or $29.50.

For more information on ‘I Love You 100 Times’ and to purchase the book on Amazon, visit: www.iloveyou100times.com

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About ‘I Love You 100 Times’: Published by CreateSpace Publishing, ‘I Love You 100 Times’ is a romantic paperback book with a personal twist. Gift givers use 50% of the book to fill in blank spaces with heartfelt messages while the other 50% serves as a unique expression notepad. Designed to get recipients swooning, it’s the perfect present for lovers on the search for a Valentine’s Day gift that will be treasured forever.