Your Holiday, Your way: Choose Villa Holidays, Say Travel Experts

Adventurous couples and families who crave freedom and authenticity in their holidays are being advised to choose luxury villa holidays rather than all inclusive experiences at hotel resorts. Travel experts recommend villa holidays as families enjoy more space, privacy, freedom and unique experiences than most 5* hotel resorts can offer.

The main benefit of hiring a luxury property is that holidaymakers get the whole place to themselves. No fighting for sun loungers, no queueing at the bar for drinks and the whole pool to yourself for swimming or playing games. Even though the service at 5* resorts can be exceptional, staying in a villa doesn’t mean you can’t have the same luxuries and amenities.

Aria Luxury Apulia is a luxury villa holiday provider, specialising in the area of Southern Italy. As a bespoke holiday company, the travel experts create bespoke itineraries and luxury holidays - and even provide a wedding planning service for couples wanting to tie the knot in the same region as Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel.

Chiara Tenuzzo, Director of Aria Luxury Apulia said, “Many people presume that 5* hotels and resorts offer unparalleled luxury – but the ultimate luxury is privacy, and you don’t get anything to yourself when you’re sharing the hotel with hundreds of other people. You don’t have to sacrifice the luxury service if you choose a villa holiday – high end companies can arrange a chef, a maid, a babysitter, a chauffeur, house staff and even a private exercise instructor if that is what holidaymakers require.”

Aria Luxury Apulia is promoting the advantages of villa holidays, especially as families opting for all-inclusive deals often miss out on the culture and traditions of the destination they are visiting. The Puglia travel experts argue that although holidays are a time for relaxing and spending time with family, they are also about exploration and it is a shame to travel to a new country, only to never leave the hotel.

Chiara added, “You can go to an all-inclusive hotel and it doesn’t matter how luxurious and impressive it is – you often spend one or two weeks within the resort walls, speaking to tourists from across the world instead of soaking up the local culture and meeting locals who live in the area.” 

Aria Luxury Apulia is acting as an advocate for the annual family holiday to include authentic and cultural experiences. Puglia is a part of Italy which is rich in history and culture, with a range of unique activities to take part in such as Puglian cooking lessons, vineyard tours, fishing trips and ancient castle visits. The region also boasts a number of UNESCO world heritage sites, in addition to stunning coastlines and beaches paired with picturesque countryside views.

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Aria Luxury Apulia is a bespoke London-based tour company providing exceptional villas and holiday experiences in Puglia. The group showcases a stunning selection of villas and hotels across the Southern Italian region, with prices starting at just £44 per night/person. The team boasts unrivalled knowledge of Puglia and is committed to creating tailor made packages for holidaymakers in search of the real dolce vita. 


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