Your Personality, Your Bath: Bath Psychology Explained

In much the same way as the car you drive and the style of clothes you wear gives the casual observer an insight into the kind of person you are, your bathroom and the bath within are surprisingly, personality indicators too. Décor is a very personal thing and is an external expression of likes, preferences, styles and even beliefs. It can point to aspirations and ambitions and be a mark of success – think of a modern apartment stuffed full of the very latest technology and what that says about the resident, or the country cottage filled with overstuffed furniture, knick-knacks, flowers and pictures. It is almost impossible not to make a judgement based on the interior of a home, but what is your bath saying about you? has the answer…

The Shower Bath

The shower bath is a single multi-purpose unit that made up of a bath and an attached shower head. This type of bath is usually chosen precisely because of its dual purpose practicality. If this sits in your bathroom, it shows that you believe in multi-tasking and never waste time or space. You are probably the proud owner of a sofa bed as well. With a shower bath you successfully include two important bathroom features in one defined space, which allows you to maximise possibly limited bathroom floor space, while also ensuring you can have a shower or bath whenever you want.

The Whirlpool Bath

The whirlpool bath offers all of the luxuries of a spa without having to step out of your front door and thus makes it known that you are a person who enjoys to relax in their own home. Your bath is probably adorned with candles, a bath pillow and a wide selection of aromatic bath bubbles, oils, lotions and potions. Whirlpool baths usually mean that you have quite a large and luxurious bathroom, which hints at the fact that you are a person who enjoys life’s luxuries, especially after a long, hard day at work.

The Roll Top Bath

The roll top bath is a Victorian essential that is a part of many vintage and rustic bathroom suites. With its Victorian roots and classic elegance, a roll top bath lets people know that you are a traditionalist who enjoys the elements of the past that still linger today. Interestingly, it also points to a modern side and an ability to make a stylish statement in a twenty-first century world. Even in a more contemporary bathroom, a roll top bath represents the bathroom designer’s love for his or her past and their innovative mind, which always manages to find a way for the past to meet the present.

The Steel Bath

The steel bath is like no other bath tub and is often an integral element of a contemporary bathroom suite. The steel bath reveals many aspects of its bather’s personality including their unique taste and love of simplicity. While its acrylic counterparts fit the typical mould of most bath tubs, a steel bath stands out, much like the bathroom designer. A person with a steel bath is usually that person at a party who everyone wants to talk to, because everything about them is interesting and you just have to know more.

The Double Ended Bath

The double ended bath is the couple’s bath, because it is perfectly designed to fit two. The double ended bath’s will also include a his and her sink if space permits and there may well be a picture of the happy couple on display nearby. A double ended bath is a demonstration of a couple’s dedication to their relationship, because the couple who bathes together, stays together!

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