Experience Danish Jazz at Nordic Cool 2013

Nordic Cool 2013
The Kennedy Center (Washington, USA)

February 19 - March 17 2013

Nordic Cool 2013 presents a varied array of Danish jazz performed by international jazz diva Caroline Henderson, experimental Midaircondo and edgy Jacob Anderskov’s Agnostic Revelations. The festival held at the Kennedy Center in Washington (USA) will also feature a diverse range of Danish, Greenlandic and Faroese music covering the genres of classical music and folk. Among other, audience can experience a funky eclectic genre mix by Ibrahim Electric, Greenlandic folk pop by Rasmus Lyberth, Trio con Brio Copenhagen performing Ravel, or explore the Danish choir tradition with Danish National Girls’ Choir.

Jazz at Nordic Cool 2013:

Caroline Henderson
Vocalist and actress Caroline Henderson's joie de vivre, passion, and uncompromising attitude have always been the driving forces behind her career, making her one of the most interesting and sought-after singers of our time -a true diva of jazz.

Her 2011 box set Jazz Collection included six of her solo recordings, among them her acclaimed Danish Music Award-winning Best Vocal Recording Love or Nothin'. For the past five years, Henderson has also been a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF.

The performance takes place Thursday March 7 in the Terrace Gallery. Price: $25.00.

Jacob Anderskov's Agnostic Revelations
Pianist, composer, and bandleader Jacob Anderskov has performed all over the world with his trio and his other bands including Anderskov Accident and Airto Moreira–Jacob Anderskov Duo. One of three spearheading acts of the Danish International Jazz Launch, a cooperative music export project between several of the major music institutions in Denmark, Anderskov has previously wowed D.C. audiences with his "edgy, evocative compositions" (JazzTimes).

The performance takes place Saturday March 9 in the Terrace Gallery. Price: $25.00

More than jazz

Ibrahim Electric
The eclectic, jazz-based trio from Copenhagen, Denmark creates experimental music that draws from a wide variety of genres, including jazz, pop, afro, and funk. 

Watch highlights from performance on 
Friday February 22 at the Millennium Stage.

Rasmus Lyberth & Greta Sundström
A Greenlander, singer/songwriter Lyberth has captivated Danish and Greenlandic audiences since the 1970s and is increasingly popular with international audiences. An Åland Islander, accordion virtuoso Sundström is master of a vast repertoire ranging from classical pieces to folk music and dance-friendly pop tunes.

The performance is free and takes place
Monday March 4 at the Millennium Stage.

One of the best-known bands in Greenland, the group tours internationally and is quickly gathering new fans despite the fact that their songs are sung entirely in Greenlandic. Their songs have been featured in the Discovery Channel’s series Flying Wild Alaska.

The performance is free and takes place Thursday March 7 at the Millennium Stage.

Danish National Girls’ Choir
Since its founding in 1938, the Danish National Girls’ Choir has combined old song traditions with new music, always working to develop the strong Danish choir tradition.

The performance is free and takes place
Friday March 8 at the Millennium Stage.

Fortas Chamber Music Concert: Trio con Brio Copenhagen
Formed in Vienna in 1999, this illustrious trio brings a program featuring Ravel's luminous Trio and Mendelssohn's brooding and passionate C minor Trio, as well as the U.S. premiere of a work composed for them by Denmark’s Per Nørgård's, the new work Trio Breve - fragments after a dream.

The performance takes place
Wednesday March 13 in the Terrace Theater. Price: $28.00.

While her roots are in Faroese ballads, the singer/songwriter has a wide range of interests in many kinds of music, from rock, jazz, folk, pop, to European classical music.

The performance is free and takes place Wednesday February 27 at the Millennium Stage.

Based in the Faroe Islands, Yggdrasil was founded by the Danish composer and pianist KristianBlak, a 2011 nominee of the Nordic Council Music Prize. Its works draw ideas from ethnic material and improvisation ranges from free to classical style.

The performance takes place
Friday March 1 in the Terrace Gallery. Price: $25.00.

Nordic Cool 2013
Nordic Cool 2013 is a Nordic cultural festival in Washington. Nordic Cool 2013 is presented by the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in co-operation with the Nordic Council of Ministers and the Nordic embassies in Washington, as well as the national cultural agencies in the respective Nordic countries, as well as Greenland, Åland and the Faroe Islands.

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