Proposal for Board of Dannemora Mineral

Shareholders representing more than 50 per cent of the votes of Dannemora Mineral propose that the Board shall comprise seven members and re-election of  Nils Bernhard, Nils Sandstedt, Lennart Falk, Christer Lindberg and Niklas Nordstrom. As a new election is proposed Stefan Månsson and Robert Eek. Lars-Göran Ohlsson has declined re-election to the Board. Nils Bernhard is proposed to be re-elected as chairman.

The fees are proposed to remain unchanged: 300 000 SEK to the Chairman, SEK 200 000 to the Vice President and 100 000 to members. Fees to the auditors be paid according to approved  invoice.


Robert Eek is born in 1981, has an MBA from Stockholm School of Economics and Bachelor of Laws from Stockholm University. Robert Eek is president of APS Capital AB who invests in stocks, corporate bonds and derivatives and is a member of the OMX Nordic countries. Previously, Robert Eek worked as an analyst on Brummer & Partners Futuris Fund.

Robert Eek is Chairman of APS Capital AB, ST Bostäder AB, Black Oak Holding AB and a board member of St. Olof Bil & Motor AB. APS Capital AB holds 489 185 B shares in Dannemora. The shares belong to APS Capital's long-term core holding.

Stefan Månsson was born in 1951, and a Mining Engineer from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. He has been a member of SweMin's board for several years and  chairman of the Irish Mining and Exploration Group (IMEG).

Stefan Månsson has worked as a mining geologist and mine manager and production manager for the mine and sorting plant at AB Statsgruvor. After some years as a consultant in his own firm in the 1990s - he became mine manager and later CEO at Zinkgruvan. From 2006 until recently, Stefan Månsson was Managing Director of Galmoy Mines Ltd. in Ireland. Stefan Månsson has no stake in Dannemora Mineral.


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About Us

Dannemora Mineral AB is a mining and exploration company of which the primary activity is mining operations in the Dannemora iron ore mine. The Company also engages in exploration activities to increase the iron ore base locally and regionally, and to explore for base and precious metals in several areas in Uppland where the potential for finding mineable deposits is considered good. Dannemora Mineral comprises the Parent Company Dannemora Mineral AB and the wholly-owned subsidiaries Dannemora Magnetit AB (responsible for operation of the Dannemora mine and the Group’s exploration activities) and Dannemora Förvaltnings AB (responsible for the property portfolio). The Company’s most important asset is the iron deposit in the Dannemora Mine, and activity is focused mainly on the mining of this deposit at present. The Company is listed on NASDAQ OMX First North, Stockholm, and Oslo Axess. The Company's Certified Adviser on First North is Remium AB.