New subscription mail service in connection with Nasdaq First North listing

By May 8, 2015, the trading of Deflamo AB’s shares will be transferred to Nasdaq First North and the mail subscription from AktieTorget will end. The subscription of press releases and news will be continued by the mail service of Nasdaq First North.

New and current subscribers activate their subscription by following the link below:

Without activation the subscriptions will terminate. We are looking forward to continue to serve with news and press releases from Deflamo AB (publ).

Deflamo AB

Per-Erik Velin, CEO


About Deflamo
Deflamo is a specialty chemical company that develops, produces, and markets the environmentally-friendly flame retardant Apyrum for the manufacturing industry and service companies in Europe
Apyrum is a patented, environmentally-friendly, and biologically degradable flame retardant that is competitive in industrial use. Today Deflamo cooperates with industrial companies that manufacture products made from plastic, paper, wood, and other materials used in construction, vehicles, electronics, etc. where high demands are made on fire protection, the environment, safety, and health. Apyrum replaces hazardous flame retardants that contain, for example, bromide, chlorine, antimony, boron, and phosphate esters with substances that are not harmful to health and the environment.
Deflamo is a Swedish corporation listed on the equities market Aktietorget until May 7, from May 8 Deflamo will be listed on Nasdaq First North. It owns the patent for Apyrum's environmentally-friendly flame retardant technology for Europe and part of Asia, an area that contains a third of the world market for flame retardants. Deflamo's operations include development, production, marketing, and sales. A central part of the sales process is technical project management, and together with the customer, Deflamo helps to develop, evaluate, and optimize their manufacturing processes related to flame retardation technology.

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