Kulissen AB more than 10% of capital- Notification of Changes in Major Shareholdings

Stockholm, 20 may, 2015 – Kulissen AB more than 10% of capital

Kulissen AB has a total of 13 350 000 B-shares in Delta Minerals AB equivalent to 15.4% of the capital and 9.3% of the votes in Delta Minerals and thus have more than 10% of the ownership. The company previously had 6 100 000 B-shares which represented 8.0% of the capital and 4.6% of the votes. Kulissen AB has signed instead of Margaretha Smith in the now completed private placement under the same conditions.

For further information, please contact
Hakan Gustafsson, Chairman of the Board, hakan.gustafsson@deltaminerals.se, mobile + 46-70-268 00 35.

Thomas Lundgren, CEO, thomas.lundgren@deltaminerals.se, mobile + 46-70-397 25 24.

Facts about the company

Delta Minerals AB is a Swedish public company listed on the stock market with the right to carry out environmental projects in the Philippines with the support of regional/local authorities. The company's goal is to begin operations in estuaries of Northwestern Philippines for the extraction of minerals and sand.


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