Local business expects ‘big’ things with nanotechnology

Warwick-based Diamon-FusionUK has just launched a revolutionary product for cars using nanotechnology which it believes will make driving safer for UK motorists.

Its nanotechnology windscreen treatment increases visibility by up to 30 per cent and also reduces night time glare by up to 25 per cent.

The special coating from the Midlands business also makes the glass stronger and more resistant to chips. Frosty glass on cold mornings is also a thing of the past.

The firm behind the new treatment set to change the way drivers think about their windscreens operates from Warwick Technology Park.

Its director Nathan Curzons said: “Our windscreen treatment offers a number of impressive benefits to drivers, most importantly with increased visibility which makes driving safer.

“On a more practical note the windscreen is tougher, while the hassle of having to defrost the car on a cold winter morning is also gone.”

Nanotechnology works by manipulating individual atoms and molecules and Diamon-Fusion’s coating works at nanoscale levels.

“Diamon-Fusion has been a great success with overseas drivers and we expect UK motorists will also enjoy the benefits offered by this revolutionary treatment,” added Curzons.

Although only just launched in the UK, the number of retailers providing the Diamon-Fusion treatment is steadily growing. For more information visit www.diamonfusion.co.uk

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