Are You Ready to Get De-Hypnotized?

The co-authors of the new book The TurboCharged Mind believe people have spent a fair amount of time ‘hypnotizing’ themselves into bad patterns. 

Have you ever acted or spoken in a certain way, only to realize that your actions or words clashed with what you really thought or felt? Here’s an example that might strike a chord: You occasionally chastise your partner or your children using words that sound eerily like something your parents might have said to you. If you are really paying attention to your words, you might feel somewhat horrified—and ask yourself, “Why did I just say that? Do I really feel that way?”

Such “automatic” ways of expressing ourselves are actually quite common, say boomer generation health experts Dian Griesel, Ph.D., and Tom Griesel, co-authors of the new book The TurboCharged Mind (January 2012, BSH). “Unless you’ve spent a fair amount of time ‘de-hypnotizing’ yourself,” they say, “you are most likely pulling dialogue from old scripts that influenced you during your formative years.

“You have been influenced—on both conscious and unconscious levels—by parents, siblings, teachers, religious figures, friends and others,” the Griesels continue. “Everyone with whom you have ever interacted has potentially contributed on some level to your current thought processes. However, this is only a problem if you find yourself stuck using a script that creates conflict and is impeding your current relationships.”

Even with a tremendous effort toward personal self-improvement, it is impossible to recreate the clean slate with which we entered this world. Beware of any promises to the contrary. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing. “Over the course of our lives, each of us has adopted an assortment of coping mechanisms that have helped make us feel safe and secure,” the Griesels say. “One of the main challenges of adulthood and personal growth involves mustering the will to question our actions, and to ask if some new thinking or reassessment is necessary.”

For those who would like to test the power of self-hypnosis to enhance personal growth, the Griesels offer a free TurboCharged Beginner Meditation. This can be downloaded onto a computer desktop or any personal computing device.

About TurboCharged:

TurboCharged® is a groundbreaking 8-Step program for greater health. It delivers body-defining rapid fat loss, accelerates metabolism, and improves health and odds of longevity without gimmicks, supplements or special equipment. The TurboCharged Mind is an excellent companion book to the author’s acclaimed rapid fat loss book, TurboCharged, or complete as a standalone. A series of supporting TurboCharged™ hypnosis downloads are available for sale via the book’s website, which offers ideal guided meditations to support and direct self-hypnosis sessions for faster fat loss, greater health, reduced stress, and to quit smoking. For more information, log on to

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