Diaverum opens up four new kidney centres in Birmingham

State-of-the-art clinics treat 450 dialysis patients as part of University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust contract – Process of transferring all patients on one day unique in the industry

Munich / Birmingham, 13 November 2014 – Diaverum, one of the leading renal care providers worldwide, last week opened up four new kidney centres in Birmingham, UK. 450 dialysis patients are now being treated in the new centres in Aston, Great Bridge, Kings Norton and Hereford with state-of-the-art technology and highest medical quality in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Diaverum had been awarded the 10-year contract for the provision of four renal satellite units for the University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust at the end of 2013 with the prerequisite of establishing four completely new kidney centres within one mile of the previous centres.

“The large logistical challenge of transferring 450 patients basically overnight was successfully accomplished due to a highly committed team and the close partnership with the NHS Foundation Trust, our partners Baxter/Gambro, Nipro and IT partners as well as with our staff and patients,” said Boris Zjacic, Head of Area Central East at Diaverum, on the day of the opening. “They all pulled this unprecedented project through in an extraordinary way. We are very proud of this cross-functional team effort.”

Michael Hartnett, Managing Director Diaverum UK, added that “there were many voices out in the market that didn’t believe we would open up with the highest quality simultaneously in four locations after only five months of construction – but we did. We are extremely lucky to work with very professional partners such as the NHS Trust, who truly take ownership of their patients. We are very much looking forward to working closely with the Trust in the coming months and years to continually improve clinical quality and patient experience.

Already from day one on we can say that we improve the quality of life for our patients. We are treating patients in brand new facilities that promote optimal safety and infection control, while also offering a warm and friendly atmosphere ,” Michael Hartnett said.

Diaverum was awarded the contract for the kidney centres at the end of 2013 following a competitive process. “We were looking for a provider who could deliver state-of-the-art technology and highest quality of care with a clear patient focus. With the smooth opening of four new clinics on time and conveniently located close to the previous clinics in the Birmingham area, Diaverum has proven to be the right choice,” said Dr Clara Day, Lead Consultant for Haemodialysis at the University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust.

The proximity to the former kidney centres enabled a seamless transfer between centres for patients and staff, ensuring continuity of care for patients. Diaverum consulted with all staff providing the previous service, and the large majority transferred to Diaverum employment and followed the patients. Seeing familiar faces in the new surroundings helped patients feel welcome from the start.

Baxter/Gambro Renal, one of the key partners involved in this project, supply the Central Water Plants and the new dialysis machines in the kidney centres. On the day of the opening, David Campell, Renal Business Manager at Baxter/Gambro, said that “it has been an absolute pleasure to work with the Diaverum team. We both have a very patient-centred approach and found many synergies on the way. I am especially impressed with Diaverum’s attention to detail and by adopting a true partnership together we have managed to deliver patient care without compromise.”

On the first days after the opening of the new clinics, the patients particularly praised the spacious and light-filled setting, the comfortable treatment chairs and the atmosphere. Details such as several nurse stations between the patients to ensure every patient can see his/her nurse, were highly appreciated. The patient and staff friendly set-up is the result of activities such as patient interviews, patient open days, development of a special Birmingham webpage on the Diaverum website, meetings with the National Kidney Federation and discussions with representatives from the local kidney association.

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Diaverum is a global integrated renal care provider with a clear patient focus. As one of the world’s leading renal care providers we stand for excellent medical quality, renal care services and a patient-centred research. Being product-independent also gives us the flexibility to offer individual treatments for the individual needs of our patients and by coordinating our patients’ healthcare needs, we are improving their quality of life. At the same time we are creating value in the healthcare system by optimising the use of healthcare budgets — for the benefit of the patient and the society. Our experience in renal care dates back more than 20 years, when the first dialysis clinic was established, under the former name Gambro Healthcare, defining our Swedish roots. Today 8,000 employees care for more than 26,000 patients in 18 countries in Europe, Latin America, Middle East and Australia. The corporate office is located in Munich, Germany. www.diaverum.com


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Diaverum is a global renal care provider with a clear patient focus. The company stands for first-class healthcare, state-of-the-art education, and patient-centered research aimed at improving quality of life for renal patients. Diaverum’s experience in renal care dates back more than 25 years, when it established its first dialysis clinic in Sweden under the former name Gambro Healthcare. Today, 10,000 employees care for more than 30,000 patients in 20 countries in Europe, Latin America, Middle East, and Australia / New Zealand. Diaverum has its head office in Lund and a corporate office in Gothenburg. www.diaverum.com


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