About Us

DigitalMR is the first holistic digital market research specialistDigitalMR's purpose is to help your organisation succeed by utilizing the web and best in class science and technology. Its digital solutions enable the delivery of actionable insights by marketing experts through advanced analytics and interpretation of data. DigitalMR offers a holistic approach to web based marketing research in the UK and more than 100 other countries, including USA, Germany and France. It utilises social media research (most importantly Web Listening) and sophisticated technology platforms to enhance its business consulting approach. With the explosion in use of social media, it is essential for organisations to understand what is being said about their brands, to effectively manage their products and their reputation. DigitalMR’s solutions also include community panels, access panels, Web usability and a distinct focus on qualitative research online. The agency has pioneered new methods in online focus groups alongside tools such as video diaries, bulletin boards and online ethnography. From online reputation measurement and analysis, to focus groups and community panels we’ve got it covered. So not only can we measure what is being said online, but most importantly – why. At DigitalMR we understand the importance of mixed mode research when traditional approaches need to be combined with digital ones. We can offer seamless integration with traditional market research in affiliation with MASMI, which is a full service international market research organisation.