Interim report January - June 1999

P R E S S R E L E A S E Diligentia AB Interim report January - June 1999 Operating results * Net operating income for the period rose by 20 percent to SEK 369 million (308). The net operating income for the Swedish operations rose by 31 percent during the period to SEK 365 million (279). * The net gain on property sales during the period amounted to SEK 121 million (8). SEK 69 million relates to a sale in Japan, of which SEK 64 million is deducted in tax. * Income after net financial items rose substantially, to SEK 260 million (43). * Earnings per share after tax increased fivefold and amounted to SEK 2.58 (0.51). * Cash flow per share from operating activities amounted to SEK 2.85 (1.13). Highlights * Acquisition of property, measuring just over 100,000 square meters, in the Västra Hamnen section in Malmö for approximately SEK 140 million. * Properties were sold outside Sweden for approximately SEK 300 million. Operating results Rental income for the period totalled SEK 619 million (618). In Sweden, rental income rose by 7 percent, from SEK 568 million to SEK 605 million. For international properties, rental income amounted to SEK 14 million (50). The decrease is due to divestments in the international property portfolio. Expenses for operations, management, maintenance and tenancy modifications totalled SEK 250 million (310), of which the Swedish properties accounted for SEK 240 million (290) and the international properties for SEK 10 million (20). The Group's administrative expenses amounted to SEK 36 million (53). Net operating income for the Group amounted to SEK 369 million (308) during the period. In the Swedish portfolio, net operating income rose by 31 percent compared with the corresponding period of 1998, from SEK 279 million to SEK 365 million. The net gain on property sales during the period was SEK 121 million (8). Operating income for the period amounted to SEK 413 million (227) and income after net financial items was SEK 260 million (43). Income for the period after tax and minority interest amounted to SEK 162 million (32). ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download: Full Report Full Report Tables