Year-end report 1999

Diligentia AB Year-end report 1999 Operating results * Income after net financial items rose by 75 percent compared with the previous year to SEK 421 million (240). * Net operating income for the Swedish operations rose by 14 percent during the year to SEK 766 million (671). Total net operating income rose by 6 percent during the year to SEK 765 million (724). * The net gain on property sales during the year amounted to SEK 131 million (41), of which sales in Sweden accounted for SEK 97 million. SEK 71 million relates to a sale in Japan, of which SEK 62 million is deducted in tax. * Net income amounted to SEK 285 million (167), corresponding to earnings per share of SEK 4.54 (2.67). * Cash flow per share from operating activities continued to improve, amounting to SEK 5.96 (4.37). Highlights during the year * The property portfolio was restructured through the sale of 36 properties and purchase of 8 others. Aggregate sales amounted to SEK 1,212 million (1,927), with a capital gain of SEK 131 million (41). International sales accounted for SEK 630 million. Properties purchased during the year had an aggregate value of SEK 1,055 million. * During the year, Diligentia signed new leases and actively renegotiated existing contracts in Sweden with annual rent of SEK 181 million and lettable area of 230,000 square meters. ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download: