CWorks Systems Launches Revolutionary CView with Google Maps Capabilities

CWorks CView Allows Managers to See Actual Multi-Site Locations and Assets via Google Maps and CMMS


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Award-winning CWorks Systems, (Mesdaq:0079), introduces CView, a revolutionary feature which incorporates Google Maps API (TM)  into CWorks Careworks – CWorks' premier web-based maintenance management system.  CView meshes data retrieved from the maintenance management system with Google Maps imagery to allow facility and plant managers visually pinpoint critical assets and failure hotspots in 'real-time'.   Using CView, a facility manager can quickly map and locate facilities, assets, and critical hotspots and significantly reduce response time to service these critical assets. 

"A picture can speak a thousand words and we believe that CView 'speaks a thousand words' to multi-site facility and plant managers as well," remarked Abdul Abdullah Rani, CEO of CWorks Systems.  "So much of maintenance management reporting is linear and one dimensional.  CWorks' CView makes facility management three dimensional."

"With the power of CView and its use of Google Maps, managers can in real-time visually view those buildings with critical pending work orders and identify their proximity to one another to facilitate efficient servicing; they can even choose a hybrid visual where major roadways are superimposed over actual images.  This level of sophistication in operational intelligence is something unheard of in facility management."

CView is divided into 3 pillars – Visibility, Analysis, and Actualization.  Using these three pillars, managers get geo-surveillance real time maps of facilities and failure hotspots.   Different colored markers display heavy work order hot spots using Google Maps and concentrations in real time based on the data from the maintenance management systems or CMMS.  For more detail, users can then click on these colored hotspots and drill down to see work orders in detail for analysis and action plans, deployment of corrective works, pm schedules and spares stock plans. 

CView is now available for a monthly subscription rate of  $120 USD/month per user.  CView is of special interest to companies that provide outsourced facility management services to multiple industries and locations; to companies with multiple sites; and to public services including government, colleges and school districts.  

CWorks Systems, an award winning, publicly listed company that specializes in maintenance management solutions, has over 1,000,000 users in more than 100 countries. For more information on CView, check out

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