Roger Fidler’s E-Reader Buyer’s Guide Updated for Black Friday, Cyber Monday

More choices, lower prices this holiday season: e-reader pioneer expands, updates one of the most popular postings on the Reynolds Journalism Institute website

COLUMBIA, MO – (November 23, 2010) Apple’s iPad has certainly been a game-changer this year, but Amazon’s Kindle and other e-readers are also expected to do well this holiday season.  While the iPad and many of the me-too tablets rushing to market for the holiday season are not technically e-readers, the iPad has launched its own bookstore via iTunes and will share the market with the traditional e-readers.

Those e-reader companies haven’t rolled over dead in the face of the tablet revolution. While iRex dropped out of the market earlier this year, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Sony have updated their product lines, and in many cases cut their prices. It should be a good year for shoppers thinking of joining the ranks of e-readers.

The updated E-Reader Buyer’s Guide will provide insider insight from the industry expert, Roger Fidler.  This tool will be useful to compare newest trends among e-readers and tablets as well as price and technology comparisons.

Roger Fidler, program director for digital publishing at the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute (RJI) brings three decades of experience and insight with e-readers to his highly informed reviews, analysis and commentary of e-readers. From his early work in Knight-Ridder digital programs to his 1994 e-reader prototype to the 2006 formation of the Digital Publishing Alliance at RJI, Fidler has been and continues to be at the forefront of development and testing of e-reader products and services.

Kelly Peery
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