Climate partners create foundation for DONG Energy’s wind farm

A number of climate partners have ordered power from the Horns Rev 2 wind farm

A number of climate partners have ordered power from the Horns Rev 2 wind farm, which will be inaugurated by HRH Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark on Thursday 17 September. The inauguration of the world’s largest wind farm is testimony to DONG Energy’ completion of a truly enormous building project. The fact that the turbines are beginning to spin at full speed also proves how climate partnerships have contributed to making Danish energy production greener. Novo Nordisk came first “Climate partnerships are a new concept that we developed in close dialogue with Novo Nordisk, and on 1 May, 2007, we signed an ambitious partnership agreement," explains Executive Vice President of DONG Energy, Lars Clausen. The partnership was a contributing factor to DONG Energy continuing its work constructing the wind farm, as Novo Nordisk has committed to purchasing power from Horns Rev 2 up to 2020. Novozymes, TOMS, KMD and Rockwool are just some of the other major climate partners that have entered similar agreements. Danish municipalities that have also signed up include Albertslund, Ballerup, Fredericia and Kalundborg. Tailored to suit requirements and strategy DONG Energy creates a tailor-made climate package for the customer as part of the partnership: “We help with specific initiatives and can typically reduce the customer’s energy consumption by approximately 10 per cent,” explains Lars Clausen. Part of the resources saved on energy is earmarked for the purchase of green power via source guarantees (also known as RECS certificates.) The guarantees document that a certain volume of power corresponding to either all or part of a partner's yearly energy consumption has been produced by Horns Rev 2. There are in addition a number of individual components, as each agreement is tailored to the partner's requirements and strategy. The municipality of Fredericia, for example, wants to upgrade the biogas from its sewage treatment works to natural gas, to be used in the city's buses. And in the agreement with Toms, DONG Energy plans to buy cocoa bean shells, which can be used as fuel on one of its power stations. 20 partnerships and more on the way Three new partners signed up in August and September alone, which brings the total figure for DONG Energy up to 20. And more are on the way, confirms Lars Clausen: “I think we have only seen the beginning. Customers and employees will increasingly opt out of companies and organisations that do not take responsibility nor actively participate in efforts to support our climate and the environment." Climate partners buying power from Horns Rev 2 • Municipality of Albertslund • Municipality of Ballerup • Boligkontoret Danmark • Dansk Almennyttigt Boligselskab (DAB) • The DBK Foundation • DGI-byen • Municipality of Fredericia • Danish Engineering Association IDA • Municipality of Kalundborg • KMD • Novo Nordisk • Novozymes • Rockwool • TOMS Esbjerg Harbour is also buying power from Horns Rev 2. For further information, please contact: Media Relation Morten Kidal +45 9955 9583


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