Doro first to publish its 2005 Annual Report

Doro is the first listed company in Sweden to publish its 2005 Annual Report. The Annual Report describes Doro’s efforts to make the company profitable, partly through reduced costs and partly through investing in new telephony and non-telephony products. The new organisation has five Business Units and is described in detail.

In the Annual Report CEO Rune Torbjörnsen comments on 2005: “In 2005 we laid the foundation for both a more effective and attractive company with a market-oriented organisation run at a lower cost. We also put a lot of effort into developing and renewing the product portfolio last year. In other words we have created the conditions for a profitable Doro.” Furthermore he says: “We enter 2006 with a strong, broad product portfolio and considerably lower costs. I am convinced that we will succeed with Doro’s continued change from a pure telephony company into a modern company focused on consumer electronics.” An assessment of the business position will be published for Q1 at the AGM on 15 March. However, Doro will not submit a forecast for 2006. In Doro’s 2005 Annual Report, which is being distributed and is available at, it states: * Doro’s costs (including one-off costs) fell in 2005 by around SEK 70 million. * Doro’s results for 2005 were hit by various one-off costs, sell-offs and US dollar exchange rate effects, totalling SEK 70 million, or nearly the entire loss. * A comprehensive account of how Doro follows the “Swedish Code of Corporate Governance”. * The new organisation of five Business Units: Telephony, IP-communications, Accessories, Consumer Devices and Care Electronics. Timetable 9 March: Record date for registration in VPC’s shareholder register to participate at the AGM 9 March: Final date for applications to attend the AGM, by 3 p.m. 15 March: AGM at the Scandic Hotel Star in Lund, 5 p.m. Future reports Q1: 25 April Q2: 20 July Q3: 19 October Financial statement: 30 January 2007 2006 Annual Report: mid-February 2007 2006 AGM: 15 March 2007. More information, Annual Report and pictures More information about Doro, the Annual Report and pictures of the Annual Report can be obtained at Doro’s website: For further information please contact: CEO Rune Torbjörnsen +46 46 280 50 60 or CFO Ingvar Karlsson +46 46 280 50 62

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Doro markets telecommunications products under the trademark Doro. Source: Delphi