Proposal for new Board Members

Proposal for new Board Members Prior to the Annual General Meeting on 14 March, the company has been informed that shareholders representing 37% of the voting rights propose the following composition of the Board for 2000: Lars-Olof Hjalmar (re-election) Rune Andersson (re-election) Ulf Körner (re-election) Mats Ljunggren (re-election) Joen Magnusson (re-election) Claes Bühler (re-election) Schedule The Annual Report will be sent out at the end of February. 3 March, final registration day in VPC's (the Swedish Central Securities Depository) shareholders register for the right to participate at the meeting. 10 March, last day for notification of attendance. 14 March, AGM at the Star Hotel in Lund, Sweden, at 5 p.m. 17 March, record day for dividend payments (proposed dividend SEK 2.00 per share). 22 March, VPC expected to forward dividend payments. Forthcoming financial information First quarter report, 17 April Interim report, 17 July Third quarter report, 16 October Press release of unaudited financial statements, 25 January 2001 Annual Report for 2000, February 2001 Annual General Meeting, 14 March 2001. The Annual Report and other information can be found on the company's website at: For further information please contact: Claes Bühler, CEO, +46 46 280 50 61 Ingvar Karlsson, CFO, +46 46 280 50 62 Lund, Sweden 7 February 2000 ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download:

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