Dreams launch time saving tips to put ‘spring’ in nation’s step

Tips could save typical Briton’s up to 12 hours per week – a whole waking day!

As summer is just around the corner, bed specialist Dreams has launched a series of time saving tips, hoping to put a ‘spring’ in to the nation’s step and give people more time to do the things they love.

The infographic, which is part of Dreams’ ‘Win an Hour Back’ campaign, hosts daily time-saving advice to help British people save up to 12 hours per week, and curb the dreadful feeling of losing time. Tips include suggestions to keep daily chores to a minimum, to add exercise to daily routines and to ensure time management at work is up to speed.

Gary Robinson, from Dreams Beds, said: “We know how the UK struggles with time. No one wants to lose any time especially in summer, when it already feels that there are not enough hours in the day! With summer just around the corner we hope that our time-saving tips will help people to spend more time with their friends and family. Our tips could save people up to 12 hours per week, which equates to a whole waking day.

“By making small changes to daily routines you can make all the difference to your time. We want to ensure people are spending their time off relaxing, having fun and improving their wellbeing. It’s all about finding the balance.”

The ‘Win an Hour Back’ campaign launched to help people across Britain save time and enjoy BST as the weather finally brightens up. The campaign, which has launched across Dreams’ Twitter, aims to give people the opportunity to enter competitions that offer more exciting things to do with their time. Prizes include experiences such as afternoon tea for two, zorbing and a trip to Paris!

For time-saving tips and to view the infographic, visit: http://www.dreams.co.uk/sleeptalk/2013/winanhourback-tips-to-save-you-time/.

For more information and to get involved in the campaign visit the dreams twitter page: www.twitter.com/dreams_beds.


For more information please contact Chloe Rushworth, 0113 3292929, Chloe.rushworth@stickyeyes.com.

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