Drutt Corporation launches Drutt MSDP Open Surf option

Helping mobile operators explore new revenue streams from off-portal surfing.

3GSM World Congress, Barcelona — Drutt Corporation announces the launch of Drutt MSDP Open Surf Option – a revenue-enabling complement to mobile operators’ branded portals.

Drutt MSDP Open Surf enables mobile operators to gain revenue from end-user off portal surfing. With Drutt MSDP Open Surf the operator can monetize its unique consumer relation and understanding, by offering attractive business propositions to web site owners and advertisers.

As much as 70% of all people using mobile devices to access internet services surf outside the operator mobile portal. The nominal figure will continue to increase as mobile phones become the dominant way to access internet. With 1.1 billion fixed internet users in the world today and the number of mobile devices soon exceeding 3 billion, off-portal surfing pose a great source of revenue for operators

Mobile operators have a higher reach to consumers than almost all newspapers and any TV station or website. Operators have access to detailed information on customer segmentation, subscriber age, sex, location, purchase power and can easily gather other demographic information. With Drutt MSDP Open Surf all this information along with surf and purchase behavior is available to be monetized.

Drutt MSDP Open Surf option is also of direct benefit to mobile users when browsing the internet. Powerful features such as advanced caching, mime-multipart packaging, white space removal and image size reduction help the user to access a web page faster. On demand transcoding of video clips and restructuring of web pages that do not fit a particular mobile device makes more information available to more users. A personal homepage with a “most visited list” along with My favorite pages and My RSS feeds makes navigation easier. Together, All these features further enriches the browsing experience.

Since incorporation, Drutt has focused to help mobile operators generate revenues from mobile data services. To date, the operators’ key strategies have been to offer branded portal services. As mobile devices become more capable, and mobile browsing more established, a growing portion of mobile data traffic bypasses the operator portal. Drutt MSDP Open Surf is a powerful complement to the branded service portfolio which allows the operator to strengthen its relations with end users, while addressing a new source of revenue-generation. It is also a tool to make the internet browsing experience better as well as present additional value-adding propositions to the mobile operators’ customers.

For additional information about Drutt MSDP Open Surf, come visit our stand at 3GSM World Congress (Hall 2, Stand 2F13) or see: http://www.drutt.com/products


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