Drutt Corporation releases Drutt MSDP 2.1

Adds functionality to the market’s leading mobile storefront solution.
Take control of your service delivery business.

3GSM World Congress, Barcelona — Drutt Corporation today launched Drutt MSDP 2.1; the latest release of the market’s most comprehensive service delivery business support system. The key word is simplicity.

Drutt MSDP is a complete business support system providing an SDP centre for customer storefront commerce, relations and delivery. It supports both on- and off-portal business and enables advertisement and commerce of a wide range of different products facilitated by the SDP. Drutt MSDP is a highly modular end-to-end system completely managed with a consistent of set graphical tools. Drutt MSDP has the largest installed base in the industry.

It lets the mobile operator be in full control of the customers’ retail experience, with extensive flexibility to fine-tune segmentation, create personalized offers and promotional up- and cross sell bundles.

Drutt MSDP 2.1 is a tightly integrated suite of products that improves and accelerates the mobile retail life cycle, providing a retail storefront where media and services are on display, sold, and delivered. The personalized multi-channel shopping experience makes it easy for customers to find and purchase and get the products they want. Marketing responsiveness reports help the operator adjust promotional offers or change the storefront window to better match each target consumer group – at very detailed customer segmentation levels.

Advanced partner, service and media management help fill the shelves with content. Web based tools allow for simple management and control of a multitude of services and media assets, hosted as well as brokered, from both a business and a technical point of view. Using the included device knowledge base, Drutt MSDP 2.1 ensures all storefront products fit and look good in any context on any device.

Content partners do not have to be mobile experts, since awareness of the operator’s internal interfaces and systems is not required. All services are adapted to the user’s device before delivery by re-purposing all required aspects of content and media.

New functionality in Drutt MSDP 2.1 includes:

* Full text search – a built-in service/application which can be used to search portal content including third-party services. The search paradigm is based on crawling with support for stemming and search depth configuration.

* Web Channel Commerce – Enables access of the portal from a regular web browser. After authentication with MSISDN and PIN code the user can purchase content on the portal to be delivered to his device.

* Targeted promotions – Support for creating rules based on end users previous commerce activity and active subscription/ticket status and more.

* Open Surf – Is a new option for the Drutt MSDP enabling support also for off-portal business and killing mobile surfing pain points and channels new revenue streams in to the SDP business model. See separate press release for more information of the Drutt MSDP Open Surf Option.

For additional information about the new Drutt MSDP 2.1 release, visit Drutt Corporation at 3GSM in Barcelona (Hall 2, Stand 2F13), or see http://www.drutt.com/products for more details.


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