Ductor and R&P Group Partner to Integrate Ductor® Technology for Biogas Producers

Ductor GmbH and Rücken and Partner Group (R & P Group) team up for cooperation to integrate Ductor® fermentation technology within existing and new biogas plants initially located in Germany. Ductor has signed several Ductor® Add-On sales contracts to be delivered in the northwest of Germany. The R&P- Group will provide all technical design and project management services for the physical construction needs. The target is to complete the first plant by the end of quarter 3/2016.

Ductor’s microbiological fermentation technology prevents ammonium inhibition in biogas digestion. With Ductor’s technology the customer is able to harness the power of underutilized and high-nitrogen biomasses such as chicken manure. This new technology revolutionizes the economics of biogas production.

“It is very important for Ductor to have a highly competent and reliable partner, such as R&P- Group, to implement our groundbreaking biotech solution,’’ says Ari Ketola, CEO of Ductor Corp., and he adds, ‘’We are very happy to announce that R&P- Group will be our partner’’.

‘’From the first moment we were convinced to work on this revolutionary technology that has extraordinary future prospects,’’ says Michael Rücken, CEO of Rücken & Partner Group, and he adds, ‘’We appreciate that Ductor decided to have faith in our work and experience’’.

About Ductor: Ductor (www.ductor.com) is a Finnish cleantech enterprise established in 2009. Ductor’s patented innovations serve biogas production for nitrogen control and process stabilization. Last year Ductor was honoured the GCCA TOP 10 Winner award in Taipei.

About Rücken & Partner Group: Rücken & Partner (www.rup-gruppe.de) is a group of Germany-based independent providers of construction engineering services since 1960.

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CEO Ari Ketola, Ductor Corp.

Tel. +358 (0)40 900 1441

E-mail ari.ketola@ductor.com

CEO Michael Rücken, Rücken & Partner

Tel. +49 (0)172 3197670

E-mail m.ruecken@ruecken-partner.de