Durham School Services AND Stock Transportation succeed in the “school bus slim down”

WARRENVILLE, Ill. –   Over 1,500 employees from Durham School Services and Stock Transportation participated in National Express Corporation’s inaugural “School Bus Slim Down Challenge” as part of the company’s efforts to promote health and wellness.  

Employees from Customer Service Centers (CSCs) throughout the US and Canada began the weight loss challenge in February and collectively lost 8,610 pounds over the 10-week competition.

“The health and safety of our employees is enhanced through personal fitness which contributes to the vitality of our organization. The Slim Down Challenge served as a catalyst to give employees information and support that encourages healthy lifestyles,” said Michele McDermott, SVP of Safety and Human Resources for NEC. “We learned that individual CSCs were conducting weight loss challenges and thought it would be a great idea to sponsor a challenge involving all locations across North America.”

The School Bus Slim Down Challenge is part of NEC’s Enjoy the Ride program which recognizes safety, celebrates service, advances employee development and encourages active community involvement.

Team “Durham Heavy Weights” from Independence, Kansas won the competition losing 11.1 percent of their body weight.  Each member of the winning team will receive a one year gym membership reimbursement to the health club of their choice.

Participating teams reported weigh-in results each week and recorded cumulative team weight loss throughout the competition.

During each week of the competition, NEC’s Benefits Department, led by Cindy Kent, issued newsletters to employees covering a score of timely topics on health and wellness including nutrition, exercise, drinking water and emotional eating.

Stock Transportation driver Sue Matthies from the Iroquois, Ontario CSC said that the newsletter tips helped motivate her team each week to meet their weight loss goals and support each other during the competition. “Every week the newsletter has focused on one of the many keys to not only help achieve the success of this endless battle, but tips to promote general health and wellness. Our small team of 14 drivers has discussed many of these aspects and attempted to act on the suggestions.”

Matthies’ team plans to continue the Slim Down Challenge beyond the official competition with weekly weigh-ins and participation in a charity walk for a local food bank.

McDermott noted that the success of the challenge exceeded expectations and plans to sponsor the challenge again next year. “Many teams have indicated they will continue to support each other in their ongoing efforts toward health and wellness. And, that’s great news!”

About National Express Corporation

National Express Corporation is the parent company of Durham School Services and Petermann Bus in the United States and Stock Transportation in Canada, leaders in the student transportation industry. Durham, Petermann and Stock share a strong commitment to their company values of safety, customers, people and community. Together, they operate more than 20,000 school buses, employ over 22,000 people, and serve more than 450 school districts in 32 states and four Canadian provinces.

NEC is the North American subsidiary of National Express Group, PLC, one of the premier transportation firms in the United Kingdom. For more information, visit www.nationalexpresscorp.com, www.durhamschoolservices.com, www.petermannbus.com or www.stocktransportation.com.

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National Express Corporation (NEC) is a leading provider of student transportation, committed to getting children to school safe, on time and ready to learn. NEC is the North American subsidiary of National Express Group, one of the premier transportation firms in the United Kingdom. NEC is comprised of Durham School Services and Petermann in the United States, and Stock Transportation in Canada. Serving approximately 450 school districts, we are committed to the highest level of safety, customer service, employee satisfaction and operations excellence. Headquartered in Warrenville, Ill., NEC operates school bus and charter services in 32 states and four provinces with a fleet of more than 20,000 buses. Our experienced drivers are known for being professional, courteous and responsible. As a national organization, we offer our district partners a wealth of resources while maintaining an unmatched level of local service.


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