Dürr Technik's Nitrobeer nitrogen generator

Creating the optimum beer flavour

Germany is a country of beer drinkers. According to the “Statistische Bundesamt” ( German Federal Statistical Office), the sales volume in 2015 was around 95.7 million hectolitres. The per capita consumption amounted to nearly 106 litres, ac-cording to the "Deutsche Brauer-Bund" (German Brewers As-sociation). To get its sparkling taste, beer has to be carbonated with CO2. To some special beers  nitrogen (N2) is also added. This is how they develop their special flavour. Now this gas can be generated in a cost effective way using the Nitrobeer nitro-gen generator. Depending on the sort of beer involved, the re-quired volume of nitrogen is added via a blender. This puts an end to the worries of many landlords that they will run out of nitrogen bottles. The Nitrobeer of Dürr Technik operates with constant reliability even at a high dispensing frequency – and convinces by a high purity (99.8 %) and by its compactness.

Anyone who has such a nitrogen generator will not have to worry about procuring and keeping a stock of N2 bottles. This generator, with a weight of only 52 kilograms, is ideally suited for beer dispens-ing due to its continuous generation of nitrogen. This appliance is safe and reliable, and thus facilitates daily business in pubs, restau-rants or bars. With its 6-litre standard pressure receiver it is possible to dispense up to 14 kegs of beer per hour – or a bit more than 19 litres per minute. And all that with 99.8 percent pure nitrogen.

The robust, oil-free compressor in combination with the PSA genera-tor is responsible for the high purity. The gas is produced by pressure swing adsorption with carbon molecular sieves, which adsorb oxy-gen out of the air quicker than nitrogen. The latter makes up 78 per-cent of the air. By means of adsorption it is separated from the oxy-gen. Thus a PSA generator makes the purchasing and  handling of nitrogen bottles unnecessary and represents a cost-effective alterna-tive.

Furthermore the Nitrobeer of Dürr Technik needs only little space due to its compactness with dimensions of 65 x 55 x 28 cm and can stand on the floor or be mounted on the wall. The product is user-friendly due to plug-and-play installation and is designed for a 100% duty cycle. And yet the nitrogen generator operates extremely silent-ly, with values in the range of only 56 dB(A). So the generator is on the noise level of a normal conversation.

The Nitrobeer can be used for serving special sorts of beer as well as for the optimal emptying of wine barrels.

Please see further details on our homepage www.duerr-technik.com.

Compact technology in small space: The Nitrobeer nitrogen genera-tor eliminates the need for nitrogen bottles during the dispensing of beer


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