New oil-free compressed air unit from Dürr Technik

Silent and compact

Nowadays laboratories are equipped with a variety of measuring devices, tools and instruments. Amongst others, they are intended for medical examinations, experiments and quality controls. Best quality, oil-free compressed air is absolutely essential for many of these applications. The compressor unit SICOLAB („Silent Compressor for Laboratories“) from Dürr Technik is espescially suitable for this sector.

Laboratories and installations do not always have a separate room for the compressor. If a compressor is installed next to the working place, it is important to use extremely silent and compact units. A noisy compressor disturbs when working and a big compressor occupies valuable space. However, the oil-free compressor unit SICOLAB offers the ideal solution, as the unit is especially sound-proofed and low in vibrations. Due to the compact dimensions of the product, SICOLAB can be positioned directly underneath the laboratory desk. The mobile unit with wheels and carrying handles can also be easily used at further working places.

SICOLAB delivers oil-free compressed air, which is essential for many applications. Oil vapours cause damage to valves, nozzles become blocked, and even test results might get distorted. By using the environment-friendly SICOLAB, oil-level checking as well as changing the oil and oil-filter can be avoided. The compressor unit offers a further comfortable advantage – it is fitted with a condensate evaporator. The accumulating humidity is collected in a tank and evaporates by heat exchange. The condensate has no longer to be drained manually – a consumer-friendly solution. Dürr Technik exclusively uses pressure receivers with anti-bacterial coating inside.

For various applications dry compressed air is of importance. This is possible, using a membrane dryer, which is integrated within the sound enclosure. Optionally an active carbon filter and a sterile filter with a filtration degree of 0.01 µm can be built in.

The oil-free compressor unit can be connected by a simple plug&play system and operated intuitively

The air extraction takes place by a quick coupling. An adjustable pressure reducer is mounted on the front side, which regulates pressure values up to 8 bar. On the back of the product there is an additional compressed air connection. The system has a long service life and is suitable for continuous running. Maintenance - except for the filter elements – is unneccessary.

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