Oil-free compressed air produced by Dürr Technik dries endoscopes

Blowing away microorganisms

"Poor hygiene in doctors’ surgeries" – Numerous newspapers reported under this heading about an inspection carried out by the Hamburg health authorities in summer 2010. The random check uncovered deficiencies in nearly every third clinic and surgery. Especially medical instruments and surgical instruments were often not cleaned according to the rules. The consequences can be dramatic, as explained by the Robert-Koch-Institut (RKI) giving the example of incorrectly dried endoscopes: "Microorganisms multiply in the duct system of the units and are a source of infection for patients examined afterwards."

An efficient and professional solution for the drying of endoscopes is the Silent Air System (SAS-38) of Dürr Technik. The plug&play compressor unit frees all accessible ducts of the instruments from residual moisture within a few seconds. This allows doctors to follow a recommendation of the RKI, which explicitly specifies the use of oil-free compressed air for the re-preparation of endoscopes. Since 1999 the same recommendation has been issued by the Bundesärztekammer (German Medical Council). An optimum drying of endoscopes after their cleaning and disinfection is very important so as to avoid any formation of moisture-loving germ flora in the ducts.

The product of the compressor manufacturer is fitted with a sterile filter and a suitable air pistol as standard features. Additionally, various attachments / nozzles are available for different tasks. SAS is built into a mobile sound-reducing box and operates extremely silently (~ 47 dB). Due to the existing pressurized air tank the compressor does not restart permanently. Thereby it is guaranteed that the day-to-day activities of the surgery or clinic are not disturbed by the drying process. Owing to its compact design the unit can be installed without any problems in cabinets or as a freestanding unit, without taking up too much space.

The core of the unit is an oil-free compressor aggregate. The compressed air connection is positioned directly in the housing. A steel-covered hose connects the compressor and the control unit. The unit is put into operation in "Plug & Play" mode. The operation itself is simple and safe. The integrated pressure reducer has been factory-set to a constant pressure of one bar. This is necessary to ensure that no damage is done to the endoscopes as a result of the cleaning process.

Doctors who already work with the SAS judge their experience as positive. They praise especially the high quality standard of the product, which stands out clearly from conventional offerings. Dr. Rolf Achim Krüger, a gastroenterologist in Radebeul, for example explains: "The length of the hose is optimal". Thus even endoscopes that have to be dried and are still in the cleaning machine can be reached at a distance without any problems. Low volume, compact design, very good handling – my surgery staff as well are fully satisfied.“