Dynasafe launches its mobile and ecofriendly treatment system for the disposal of energetic materials at the Eurosatory Exhibition 2016, Paris.

The D-100 provides an ecofriendly alternative to the practice of open field burning technique for the disposal of energetic materials, toxic substances and narcotics. Providing law enforcement, the military and industry the opportunity to safely dispose of these materials, in the confines of their own premises, minimizing the storage and transportation risks associated with the disposal of these hazardous materials. 

Stockholm on June 1st  2016

Dynasafe, the global leader of ammunitions treatment systems, is launching the ecofriendly D-100 mobile disposal system for ammunitions, narcotics, toxic materials and fireworks. The thermal heating system of the D-100 is able to process 60 kg of 9 mm cartridges per day. It also features Dynasafe’s explosive containment technology to protect the operator from a sudden detonation of an unstable energetic substance. The D-100 is fitted with a multi-filtration system that prevents harmful toxic, carcinogenic gases and narcotic fumes, produced during the disposal process, from escaping into the atmosphere.  The system also includes a basket feature that separates the lead from the brass, providing a recycling opportunity to the end user.

Holger Weigel, Chief Operating Officer for Dynasafe commented, “The D-100 mobile treatment system is a very significant innovation for end users who have a requirement to dispose of small quantities of energetic materials and narcotics. This technology enables the operators to undertake the work in house; in doing so, the end user eliminates the risks associated with the storage and transport of energetic and narcotic substances; also avoiding the high costs associated with subcontracting work to outside treatment facilities.”

Please visit us at the Eurosatory Exhibition Paris - we are exhibiting in Hall 6, booth J 301

Visit Dynasafe.com for the D-100 product brochure, to view the D100 video and for details of product events 

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US Sales                                

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About Dynasafe

Dynasafe protects mankind from threats caused by explosives and hazardous materials. The company is the global market leader in the removal, management and disposal of Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, explosive (CBRNe) materials both on- and off shore.

Through its three business units, Area Clearance, Protection Systems and Demil Systems, Dynasafe is the only global company capable of addressing the entire ordnance disposal value chain.

Dynasafe has its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, and a strategic network of subsidiaries and sales partners for global reach. The company has around 400 permanent staff and, at any one time, a large number of additional contracted staff mainly involved in area clearance projects. Dynasafe operates in more than 70 countries with customers in both the public and private sectors.

Dynasafe’s innovative products and extensive knowledge have made it possible to deliver:

• More than 1,000 unexploded ordnance clearance and demining projects worldwide, both on and off shore

• Over 250 containment chambers and integrated protection systems

• More than 25 chemical and conventional demilitarisation plants globally




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