Dynea’s Prefere® 4546 - the most flexible construction glue ever

Dynea’s new melamine-urea adhesive system Prefere® 4546 for glulam, I-beams and finger-jointing is being hailed as the most flexible MUF system ever, as it is easy to tailor for optimal performance in the customer’s production line. The system, which has the necessary approvals from MPA (Stuttgart, Germany), TUM (Munich, Germany) and Norwegian NTI, works in cold as well as hot setting, RF-curing and finger-jointing and offers short pressing times, long assembly times and excellent RF properties. Since Dynea first presented the Prefere 4546 system during the Ligna 2009 Fair in May, customers have consistently been reporting dramatically improved results: pressing times down to 60 minutes at 20 degrees Celsius; increased assembly times of up to 2,5 hours; and a 50% reduction in RF-curing time compared to current high performance systems. Thanks to a choice of two hardeners and further flexibility in hardener dosages, the Prefere 4546 system is the glue for all purposes: for standard as well as project beams and finger-jointing and it offers excellent properties in RF curing. “We had very high performance expectations for this product based on our own test results,” says Mr Jan Reidar Skretteberg, General Manager, Sales and Marketing, for Dynea’s Engineered Wood Solutions. “These expectations have now been met and even exceeded at our customers.” Customers gain added value when using the Prefere 4546 adhesive system together with Dynea’s patented Washless adhesive application system. The Washless system improves both customer productivity as well as environmental performance. Prefere 4546 also works perfectly with Dynea CureSafe system to help customers find the correct pressing and assembly times at different temperatures. Dynea has a long successful history in developing and innovating adhesive systems for the engineered wood industry and has a full product portfolio of approved adhesives - phenol-resorcinol (PRF), melamine-urea (MUF), melamine (MF), emulsion polymer isocyanate (EPI) and polyurethane (PUR) adhesives - for cold setting, hot setting or RF-curing. For more information, please contact Mr Einar Mørland, Application Manager, Engineered Wood Solutions Tel. + 47 91 38 84 60 or by email at einar.morland (at) dynea.com Ms Leslie Petersen, General Manager, Communications Tel. +385 10 585 2031 or by email at leslie.petersen (at) dynea.com Dynea in brief Dynea is a leading provider of adhesion and surfacing solutions with a turnover of 879.0 million Euros in 2008. Dynea has production in 22 countries in Europe, the Asia Pacific region and South America. With some 40 production units, Dynea employs 2,200 persons. Dynea is controlled by the European private equity firm IK Investment Partners’ 1997 and 2000 funds. For further information, please visit www.dynea.com.


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