E2 Home appoints Management Team and defines Strategy for the Networked Home Market

E2 Home appoints Management Team and defines Strategy for the Networked Home Market E2 - Home AB, the Joint Venture between Ericsson and Electrolux has now appointed a management team in order to continue development on the Networked Home. The E2 Home Company was approved by the EU Competition authorities at year-end and formally established in January. The company's strategy is to provide households with useful electronic household services, content and applications on a simple, easy-to-use and robust electronic platform. The kitchen, already the focal point of most households is to become the focus of these electronic services and applications. Malte Lillestråle, formerly Director of Strategic Business Development at Ericsson Radio Systems will head Strategic Development and Deployment at E2 and Donya Ekstrand formerly at Ericsson will head up communications for the company. Max Gerger, formerly at Ericsson Consumer Products will head Value Creation and will build up the product and service portfolio. Max's team will start partnerships with both product and content suppliers to create exciting and useful e-based household services that will help to drive the market and create industry momentum. Carin Petersson, a former Controller with Electrolux Home Products will head Business Support which includes human resources, finance control and legal issues. Alexandra Ridderstad moves from torget.se, the Swedish shopping portal and will head up the customer interfaces (portal) at E2 Home. Electrolux's President and CEO Michael Treschow and Ericsson's CEO Kurt Hellström announced E2 - Home AB in October 1999. The name of the company has been established as E2 Home. E2 Home is a service integrator to provide households with a simple and robust electronic platform in an emerging market with great potential, where only recently, the kitchen has come into focus as being one of the last great opportunities for data communication products. The company will provide content and service providers with the necessary tools and support functions to deliver electronic household services and will provide a complete bundle of products for communication and interaction. E2 Home intends to become the leading supplier and partner of Electronic Home Services on the global market. For Further Information please contact: Donya Ekstrand, Market Communications E2 Home AB Phone: +46 8 685 2602 Mobile: +46 70 557 4962 E-mail: donya.ekstrand@e2-home.com Carin Petersson, Business Support E2 Home AB Phone: +46 8 685 2937 Mobile: +46 70 379 3204 E:Mail: carin.petersson@e2-home.com ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit http://www.bit.se for further information The following files are available for download: http://www.bit.se/bitonline/2000/02/25/20000225BIT00460/bit0001.pdf http://www.bit.se/bitonline/2000/02/25/20000225BIT00460/bit0002.doc