Ecovision acquires Delphi Finansanalys

Ecovision acquires Delphi Finansanalys Ecovision AB has acquired Delphi Finansanalys AB from Swedish Delphi Economics AB. Delphi Finansanalys is the leading provider of financial information to Swedish newspapers. Among Delphi Finansanalys' customers are Dagens Nyheter, Svenska Dagbladet, Göteborgs-Posten and 30 other newspapers. Delphi Finansanalys is also a leading provider of Nordic financial fundamental data and Internet solutions to customers such as SEB, Affärsvärlden, E*trade and Aftonbladet. Ecovision is a leading provider of financial information systems in the Nordic countries. After Ecovision's acquisition of Delphi Finansanalys, the Delphi Finansanalys services will be marketed under the Ecovision brand. - The acquisition of Delphi Finansanalys means that Ecovision will be the leading provider of financial information to the Swedish media sector, says Paul Östling, Managing Director of Ecovision AB. We are very pleased to follow up our successful acquisitions in Finland in 2002 and of Newmedia this year with this strategically important acquisition of Delphi Finansanalys, says Paul Östling. The acquisition of Delphi Finansanalys implies an expected increase of revenue for the Ecovision Group of approximately 12 million SEK in 2004. - For Delphi Finansanalys and its customers it is very positive to be part of to the Ecovision Group, says Jan Andersson, Managing Director of Delphi Finansanalys. It will enable Delphi Finansanalys to further develop its offerings and to contribute to making Ecovision the number one Nordic provider of financial information, says Jan Andersson. - Ecovision group revenue in 2002 amounted to 64.4 million SEK and the operating result was 8.6 million SEK. The Ecovision group has 35 employees and has activities in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and the Netherlands. Ecovision shares are listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange, New Markets. The following companies are part of the Ecovision Group: Ecovision ProTrader - with real-time financial information, Ecovision Newmedia - developing and operating customized trade- and information services, and the Ticker News Agency, with real-time news for the financial markets. Paul Östling, tel. +46 31 68 34 50 Managing Director Ecovision AB Jan Andersson, tel. +46 18 56 24 19 Managing Director Delphi Finansanalys ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: