Ecovision becomes new provider of Affärsvärlden's Generalindex.

Ecovision becomes new provider of Affärsvärlden's Generalindex. Ecovision AB has signed an agreement with Affärsvärlden about Ecovision being the new producer and distributor of Affärsvärlden's Generalindex and its sector indices. The agreement starts in January 2005 when Ecovision replaces the present provider SIX. Affärsvärlden's Generalindex, AFGX, started in 1937 and is Sweden's first share price index. Historical share prices from 1901, when the business magazine Affärsvärlden was founded, has afterwards been added to Generalindex. Generalindex is a broad index, which reflects the average price changes of the shares listed at the Stockholm Stock Exchange. Most Swedish funds use the Generalindex to measure the performance of its funds. Generalindex is market value weighted which means that the index weight of the shares is in proportion of its market value. - Affärsvärlden and Ecovision will further strengthen and develop the Generalindex series, says Christer Björkin, Managing Director at E&T Förlag that owns Affärsvärlden. Ecovision is already an important provider to Affärsvärlden regarding financial news and fundamental data. We look forward to deepening our co-operation, says Christer Björkin. Affärsvärlden is one of Sweden's leading business magazines. The first issue of Affärsvärlden was published January 4 1901, which makes Affärsvärlden one of the first business magazines in the world. - Becoming the provider of Affärsvärlden's Generalindex is a great success and very important to Ecovision's future development, says Per Rastin, Executive Vice President in Ecovision. Producing unique and high-quality content such as news, fundamental data, earnings estimates and index calculations is a priority for the Ecovision Group, says Per Rastin. Ecovision group revenue in 2003 amounted to 66.3 million SEK and the operating result was 10,6 million SEK. The Ecovision group has 43 employees and has activities in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and the Netherlands. Ecovision shares are listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange, New Market. The Ecovision Group has the following business areas: Ecovision ProTrader - with real-time financial information, Ecovision Newmedia - developing and operating customized trade- and information services, Ecovision Finansanalys with financial data to the media sector and the Ticker News Agency, with real-time news for the financial markets. ----------------------------------------------------- For further information, please contact: Christer Björkin, Managing Director tel. Ekonomi &Teknik Förlag +46 8 796 65 14 E-mail: Per Rastin, Executive Vice President Ecovision AB tel. +46 31 68 46 63 E-mail: ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download:


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