Eden Games takes driving simulation to the next level with new mobile-centric game

French gaming giant Eden Games has today launched its new masterpiece with the release of Gear.Club. This high-octane game is more than just racing - it is an authentic world of cars

  • Download the iOS app now http://apple.co/2eUVGxR
  • First ever mobile-centric game from Eden Games
  • #1 overall app in 25 countries
  • Most realistic mobile driving game ever
  • Fully simulated engines, powertrains, suspensions and aerodynamics
  • Pre-registration open for Android users

The talented folks at Eden Games have worked tirelessly to perfect their latest offering. The 30-strong team, based in Lyon, France, has spent nearly three years developing Gear.Club, ensuring all elements of the game match the exceptional standards expected by today’s sophisticated gaming society. The game debuted on Apple TV 4th Generation as a launch-window title where it has been the #1 overall app in 25 countries as well as the #1 grossing app in 10 markets.

In this realistic driving experience, car-lovers can collect, upgrade and customise some of the most gorgeous, exotic vehicles in their performance shop and enjoy exquisite details, such as engines and interiors, in fully-rendered 3D.

Speaking about the development of Gear.Club, Eden Games founder David Nadal explains: “We individually simulate every mechanical element relevant to how a car behaves. Fidelity is key and we are proud that our game engine can reproduce subtle nuances that a true car fan will be able to feel. In Gear.Club every car behaves differently; some are more agile, some understeer. This is quite rare, if not unique, in the mobile space. Furthermore, all the data you see in the game is in line with reality.

Eden Games has a robust heritage for developing racing games, with the simulation, physics and realism of Gear.Club being a result of the company’s 20+ years’ experience in research, engineering and iterative design. The gaming powerhouse has already achieved success with highly-acclaimed games such as the V-Rally franchise, Need for Speed: Porsche and Test Drive Unlimited, among other major hits on various consoles.

To achieve the realism experienced in Gear.Club the team at Eden Games has worked extremely closely with the featured car manufacturers. The designers painstakingly replicate each model, ensuring the style and original spirit of each car is upheld and that the manufacturers can cherry pick the design that best reflects the real-life product.

When manufacturers see the respect we have for their products and how meticulous we are, we can establish a very constructive dialog. Cars is our religion and I think this transpires when they talk to us, which is why they trust us as much as they do”, says Nadal.

Gear.Club, is now live in all Apple App Stores worldwide for iPhone and iPad users while pre-registration is open for Android users. Pre-Registration members will be able to gain a head-start by winning great virtual items and prizes, the most coveted of which being the chance to start the game with an exclusive special edition car.

Website: http://www.gear.club/

Media Kit & Pre-registration: http://press.edengames.com/

YouTube Trailer: Gear.Club - Enter the Performance Shop!

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About Eden Games

Eden Games was founded in Lyon, France in 1998, to develop one of the most successful game franchises on PlayStation systems: V-Rally.

In 2000, the studio expanded its racing expertise with the development of Need For Speed: Porsche for EA. Eden Games iterated in other genres before returning to its roots with Test Drive Unlimited, the first massive open world racing game franchise.

Eden Games today is an independent game studio managed by two of its original co-founders, David Nadal and Jean-Yves Geffroy. The studio is composed of both experienced veterans and highly talented young developers, all driven by the same passion for cars, high-end design and technologies.




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