Effnet subsidiary Wkit Security signs new 5 year agreement for copy protection with one of Europe€s leading CD manufactu

Effnet subsidiary Wkit Security signs new 5 year agreement for copy protection with one of Europe's leading CD manufacturers The partnership between Wkit Security AB and the Danish CD manufacturers SDC is strengthened by a new contract for the SecureIT copy protection program which was signed yesterday. The new version has been developed for SDC's updated production equipment, which has doubled SDC's production capacity in the last year, but also to meet the increasing demand for a reliable copy protection program. "This was a great opportunity to enhance our core technology within the SecureIT product and the results have been well beyond expectations", says Lars Olov Guttke, CEO Wkit Security AB. SDC is the largest mass producer of audio-visual media in Northern Europe with a capacity of replicating 510,000 CDs per day. "We've chosen the SecureIT copy protection because it is extremely difficult to crack and is easy to implement into our production line, and of course because our customers demand high and reliable copy protection for their products," says Kristian Bech Andersen, Vice President, Production and Logistics at SDC Group. "We estimate that the five year agreement could be worth 10 M SEK per year, for a total of 50 M SEK over the contracted time period", says Lars Olov Guttke at Wkit Security AB. The Product The SecureIT copy protection software differs from its competition, mainly because of its extreme ease of use. The manufacturer can, through the intuitive user interface, manage and adapt the software to new products on the fly, without the help of Wkit technicians. The software does not need to be interweaved with the source code of the program to be protected. This dramatically shortens the "time to market process" compared with competing products. The software is based on instructions which registers if any data is changed or moved using an unauthorised method. A sophisticated encryption scheme assures that the program and its instructions remain secret. About SDC SDC is one of Europe's leading multimedia duplication companies. Building on many years of experience, SDC can provide copies in any quantity in CD, CD-ROM, DVD, VHS and MCs. From mastering and duplication to packaging and fulfilment SDC offers a complete turnkey solution. The present capacity is 150 million CDs, 10 million DVDs, 29 million VHS and 6 million MCs per year. SDC is listed on the Danish stock exchange in Copenhagen. Learn more: www.sdc-group.com About Wkit Security Wkit Security works with security-related services and products. The company, which is based in Håverud in Dalsland, is divided into two divisions. The Services Division carries out security analyses of customers' internal and external data communications. The division also offers training and consulting in the field of security. The Product Division develops security-related software and has developed the SecureIT copy protection for CD-ROMs as well as the WOCS software application, which can retrieve deleted files. Learn more: www.wkit.com About Effnet Effnet's business concept is to develop and license IP-packet processing technology designed to resolve bottlenecks in Internet communication and security, thereby creating maximum benefit for licensees. Today, Effnet has offices in four locations: Stockholm, Luleå and Håverud in Sweden; and Mountain View, California, in the U.S. Effnet Group AB is listed on Stockholm's "Nya Marknaden" (New Market). The company has 80 employees including those in the wholly owned subsidiary Wkit Security AB, security product and services consulting company. Learn more: www.effnet.com For more information, please contact: Lars Olov Guttke Kristian Bech Andersen CEO Vice-President, Production & Logistics Wkit Security AB SDC Group +46 (0)530 44460 +45 87454502 larsolov.guttke@wkit.com ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT http://www.bit.se The following files are available for download: http://www.bit.se/bitonline/2000/09/27/20000927BIT00140/bit0001.doc http://www.bit.se/bitonline/2000/09/27/20000927BIT00140/bit0002.pdf