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  • Egencia
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    “We recognize the rapid shift to new mobile technologies is a major disruptive force in business travel. Bringing best-of-breed consumer experiences to corporate travelers via mobile devices is something we believe Egencia is uniquely placed to do. We actively seek to integrate technology from across other leading brands in the Expedia, Inc. family, while tailoring our user experience to the unique needs of business travelers.
    Mark Hollyhead, Egencia's SVP, Americas
    “As a global business, we seek partners like Egencia that share our values, the spirit of enterprise, and leverage best-in-class technology to help our employees and our business succeed in the real estate marketplace. Our road warriors rely on the best mobile apps to make business travel easier. We will be early adopters of the new Egencia TripNavigator app; and we believe it, with integrated access to travel consultants when help is needed, will make our travelers more productive and happier as they jet set around the world.”
    Rudy Lim, Director, Procurement, Colliers International
    “Hotels are constantly adjusting room rates to find the optimal mix of supply and demand. This means a company’s savings from their own negotiated rates can vary significantly throughout the course of the year. Signing the contract with a hotel is just the beginning; in order to ensure savings are actualized, travel and procurement professionals need to be vigilant and take action when negotiated rates rise above market averages.”
    Chris Vukelich, Egencia's vice president, supplier relations, Americas
    “Consumer markets are emerging as the primary driver of technology innovation,” says Hollyhead. “Smart businesses are taking action and implementing change throughout the enterprise, from IT to finance—to HR and corporate travel, in order to meet employee expectations and support recruitment efforts.”
    Mark Hollyhead
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