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Trendsetting, eye-catching and experimental are some of the words that best describe a new collection concept just launched by ege, the renowned Danish carpet manufacturer. The concept, now called Design Spot, is intended to showcase the company's ongoing interpretation of the seasons' hottest trends and aims to highlight the company's position as a trendsetting supplier of textile designer floor coverings.

"Every year we invest huge resources in developing collections to reflect current trends and tendencies. The road from idea to final collection is often very long which means we find it difficult to focus on the more specific and quirkier tendencies in the fashion world. What happens is that we have to create patterns with a longer lifetime for our standard collections," explains ege's Karen Nybo, who has developed the new Design Spot concept with designer Mette Kofoed Nielsen. Giving space to quirky ideas "We at ege's design department have longed to present small, up-to-the-minute design interpretations of the many impressions we designers meet in our constant search for inspiration. By means of precise, state-of-the-art collections, Design Spot will become ege's design interpretation of everything that is happening in the world just now, regardless of whether it's in fashion, trends, art or culture," explains Karen Nybo. Design Spot will be our expression of what is "in" right now. Design Spot is intended to give designers more space than they would have in a standard collection. Here they can think the unthinkable and allow themselves to design for a narrower market. The concept allows us the freedom to present special, quirky and subtle designs at frequent intervals. No two collections will be alike and it will be impossible to predict what the next collection will have to offer," Mette Kofoed Nielsen explains. Our first shot - Tribal Poetry The initial shot from Design Spot is the Tribal Poetry collection, which includes a selection of rugs and wall-to-wall carpeting, all inspired by life in the woods and on the steppes. Much of the inspiration for this collection has been collected at major international trade fairs. The collection has a clear design idiom that is distinctive, making this a collection that really does stand out from the crowd. Using inspiration from a variety of sources including traditional Scandinavian embroidery, Lapp knitting and Russian peasant designs, Tribal Poetry creates a unique and at times humorous addition to interior design. "You could call the entire collection "large scale" which gives these designs a raw, contemporary look with a poetic twist", Karen Nybo adds. About the company egetæpper a/s egetæpper a/s is Scandinavia's leading manufacturer of textile flooring, including wall-to-wall carpets, carpet tiles and rugs. Our products are marketed worldwide through our own sales companies and local agents. ege's mission is "to help our customers create strong, beautiful flooring that promotes well-being." Read more news from ege at If you have questions or would like further information, please contact: PR and Communication Officer Dorthe Kallestrup, tel: +45 97117457 E-mail:


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We help our clients by providing beautiful and strong flooring solutions creating well-being. Every single thought and every action performed at ege takes it starting point in our mission statement. A central sentence containing everything we wish to offer our clients.Why carpets? Beauty, strength and well-being. These three words describe the perfect room – and they are the essence of everything we wish to accomplish. They are the substance of our work and our carpets.