Unique possibilities with the new carpet tile collection from ege

Imagine walking through the streets of a big city. Your senses are constantly hit by changing impressions – fragments of adverts, neon light and architecture blending in with the sound of busy people and a mix of exotic scents. That is the inspiration behind and the essence of the new tile collection from ege.

Scandinavia’s largest carpet manufacturer ege carpet a/s has launched a unique tile collection, CITYSCAPES, from the new concept MODULAR SHUFFLE by ege. The concept is developed by the designers Karen Lund Hansen and Stina Kruse Kidmose, who wished to create something completely new. “The special thing about MODULAR SHUFFLE is that there is no recurrence in the pattern. Each tile is unique and when mixed together and randomly installed, unprecedented and varying floor designs are created”. Stina Kruse Kidmose’s hand peacefully rests on the new product catalogue. “Each tile installation becomes unique, and the client gets his own interpretation of the carpet’s design.” An experimental journey Behind the new concept lies a close co-operation between the designers and ege’s sales-, production- and marketing organisation, as well as specialists in Denmark and abroad. “We have received great backup from the entire organisation and had all resources needed at our disposal, giving full opportunity to experiment and push boundaries”. Karen Lund Hansen’s eyes sparkles. “We have developed a completely new method of design and production. It is now possible to obtain a far more creative design on tiles than earlier”. Reflecting the rhythm of a big city Parallel with concept development the designers were busy finding inspiration and designing patterns for a collection capable of visualizing the scope of the concept. The result is the collection CITYSCAPES. “During our journeys for inspiration we became fascinated by the complexity, speed and pulse of the big city”, Karen Lund Hansen explains. “With CITYSCAPES we have chosen to zoom in at the big city from different angles. The motives vary from photographic images of buildings and city maps, graphic designs inspired by signs, adverts and architecture, to close-ups of different surfaces of the city – asphalt, metal and concrete”. Stina Kruse Kidmose supplements.”In all 11 designs we have managed to create the feeling of movement through the big city. The multiple variations in the carpet involve the client actively in the experience of the floor design and make it relevant, present and alive”. CITYSCAPES consists of 11 strong designs, which are presented in subdued, commercial colours, and in an eye catching palette of bright neon colours inspired by urban street style and graffiti. The energetic and exaggerated colours reflect a need for new and fresh beginnings and are aimed at first movers and people who dare stand out from the crowd. “With this collection ege blows away the boundaries for modular design”, Karen Lund Hansen smiles. The result speaks for itself. Read more news from ege at www.egecarpet.com.


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