International success - Elanders wins an order for MSEK 225

International success - Elanders wins an order for MSEK 225 France Telecom has appointed Elanders its supplier of telephone directories for the French market. The business area Directories will produce the directories. The contract with France Telecom is worth approximately MSEK 150 and stretches over a period of three years. The business area Directories has also written a three-year contract with Telenor Media Espania in Spain and Soleil Publicite in France concerning the production of regional telephone directories. The contract is worth approximately MSEK 75. With these orders Elanders moves forward once again on the European directory market and has created a strong position for further expansion. The business area Infomedia's opportunities to establish its products on the European market have been considerably improved through these large orders. They are completely in line with Elanders' strategy to offer publishing solutions for every kind of media such as the Internet, CD-ROM and printed material. Kungsbacka 2000-01-31 Kjell Thörnbring President and Chief Executive Officer For more information please contact Kjell Thörnbring at: +46 300-50 000 or visit our website at . ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download: