Electrolux share redemption is finalized

As a part of the redemption program approved by the Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting on December 12, 2006, Electrolux carried out a share split through which shareholders received an additional share for each share owned (redemption share). Upon completion of the program the redemption shares are redeemed at a redemption price of SEK 20 per share. Electrolux share capital is restored to the same level as prior to the redemption program.

The Swedish Companies Registration Office has today registered a decrease in Electrolux share capital of SEK 772,300,770 through the redemption of 308,920,308 redemption shares, whereof 9,502,275 redemption shares of series A and 299,418,033 redemption shares of series B. Further, an increase in the company’s share capital of SEK 772,300,770 is registered following a bonus issue. The increase in the share capital is transferred from non-restricted equity. No new shares are issued in connection with the bonus issue.

Following these transactions Electrolux has a total of 308,920,308 outstanding shares, whereof 9,502,275 shares of series A and 299,418,033 shares of series B.

The redemption procedure means that approx. SEK 5,600m will be distributed to Electrolux shareholders, equivalent to SEK 20 per share. Payment to the shareholders is expected to be made January 29, 2007.

For further information please contact Investor Relations and Financial Information on +46 8 738 60 03.

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