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  • Quotes

    Radiation therapy is a highly effective, yet underutilized, form of cancer treatment, so we are pleased to be increasing access to this targeted technology through this new order for Elekta Versa HD linear accelerators.
    Dan Collins, GenesisCare CEO
    The MR-linac studies presented at ASTRO add to the solid foundation of data demonstrating how MRgRT (magnetic resonance guided radiation therapy) can address some of the historic challenges to balancing effective delivery of radiation to tumors while protecting nearby tissues and organs at risk. This has the potential to improve outcomes for cancer patients.
    X. Allen Li, PhD, Chief Physicist, Department of Radiation Oncology at Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin Clinical Cancer Center
    Since 2014, Elekta has been an important factor in our ability to provide the patients we serve with cutting-edge technologies and we are pleased to expand our relationship by advancing the clinical utility of Elekta Unity.
    David Parda, MD, Chair, AHN Cancer Institute
    Our focus on precision radiation medicine reflects our commitment to innovating solutions that enable personalized radiation therapy that can rapidly be adapted to changes in tumor size and shape and use intelligent data processing to streamline treatments.
    Richard Hausmann, President and CEO
    Together we’ve made world-leading advances in radiotherapy through our research and we expect Elekta Unity to allow us to make another step change in improving cancer treatment.
    Professor Uwe Oelfke, Head of the Joint Department of Physics at the ICR and The Royal Marsden
    We are very happy that the NHS is investing in this essential treatment modality – brachytherapy can offer unsurpassed accuracy and efficiency in treatment delivery.
    Steve Tomkins, Elekta’s Business Unit Manager for UK, Ireland and Nordics
    Elekta Unity is now a reality, and we are excited to start treating our patients. The ability to see what we treat in real time and adapt treatment on a daily basis enables unprecedented precision and ensures that each patient receives the right dose, delivered to the right location, at every treatment session.
    Marlies Nowee, Radiation Oncologist, at NKI-AvL
    Our team in Crawley will be able to interact with healthcare providers visiting from anywhere in the world, as they jointly collaborate and share ideas on technological solutions to address the global cancer burden.
    Steve Wort, Elekta Chief Operating Officer
    This is a paradigm shift for radiotherapy. The new MR-linac will allow us to see soft tissue during treatment with unprecedented accuracy.
    Keith Hansen, Executive Manager of Oncology, GenesisCare
    Elekta Unity represents a new paradigm of precision radiotherapy that enables a scan-plan-treat approach, and supports personalized regimens that meet the unique needs of the individual patients’ anatomy.
    Dr. Ina Jürgenliemk-Schulz
    The combination of Elekta’s experience and York Instruments’ advanced technology provides an exciting new future for MEG.
    Gordon Baltzer, Chief Executive Officer of York Instruments
    On behalf of the Government of Jordan, I wish to express our sincere thanks and gratitude to Elekta for this responsible act of generosity and humanity.
    Mr. Hussam AlHusseini, Ambassador of The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to The Republic of Austria
    The new Elekta equipment will help us achieve optimal outcomes for our cancer patients by consistently applying best practices in patient care and treatment.
    Dr. Paul Kelly, Radiation Oncologist at Cork University Hospital
    Elekta is not only the leading innovator of today’s radiation oncology solutions, it is also the partner of choice for providing a complete package of patient-centric radiation therapy care options in an evolving technology and healthcare economic landscape.
    David Parda, M.D., Chair, AHN Cancer Institute
    Our collaboration with IBA and Equicare is just one example of how we are building a strong network of key ‘best of breed’ vendors as part of our partnerships and open connectivity.
    Ranjit Pradhan, Senior Vice President Portfolio & Business Development Software Solutions at Elekta
    Richard Hausmann, CEO
    Both Proton Partners and Elekta understand the need and value of investing in future technologies in the field of precision radiotherapy, such as Elekta MR-linac, making this an exciting opportunity to collaborate.
    Worldwide demand for stereotactic treatments are increasing, especially among the 20 to 40 percent of cancer patients who will develop brain metastases.
    Maurits Wolleswinkel, Head of Portfolio and Chief Strategy Officer
    Breakthroughs in clinical and scientific cancer research are increasing what we know about cancer. Consequently, Elekta is delivering new precision treatment modalities and digital solutions so that clinicians can better plan, treat and monitor outcomes for each individual patient – and population.
    Dr. Richard Hausmann, Elekta’s President and CEO
    Elekta has been at the forefront of the digital healthcare revolution, and we are committed to working with other leaders in the field to establish value-added solutions that offer complete connectivity and interoperability with MOSAIQ and our other digital solutions.
    Maurits Wolleswinkel, Elekta’s Chief Strategy Officer
    Peter Gaccione, Executive Vice President, Region North & Latin America
    With these sophisticated treatment systems, thousands of cancer patients in Mexico will continue to receive care equal to that offered at many hospitals in the United States and Canada.
    We are very pleased that the Egyptian government continues to rely on Elekta solutions to provide the best treatment for the country’s cancer patients.
    Habib Nehme, Vice President, Middle East and Africa
    The enthusiasm of these world-class cancer institutions to the clinical implementation of the MR-linac reflects the belief that this breakthrough technology will address real unmet needs.
    Joel Goldwein, Sr. Vice President, Medical Affairs
    Our MR-linac system is truly groundbreaking because it overcomes the technical barriers that have hindered the integration of radiation therapy with real-time high-field imaging.
    Richard Hausmann, CEO, Elekta
    “Elekta’s MR-linac is designed to enable precise tumor targeting through visualizing the target and surrounding organs at risk in real time.”
    Dr Richard Hausmann, Chief Executive Officer of Elekta
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