 The heavy lift accommodation pipe lay barge has been awarded a new Transportation & Installation Contract (T&I Contract) of US$11.2m project by NuCoastal (Thailand) Ltd  Expects full deployment of fleet amidst strong market for offshore construction and production services

SINGAPORE, 12 OCTOBER 2009 EOC Limited (EOC or the Group), an Asia-based provider of offshore oil and gas support services, has signed up its heavy lift accommodation pipe lay barge, the Lewek Champion, for a Transportation & Installation contract immediately after it completes its current work in Malaysia. The new contract is expected to be executed in the 1st Quarter of 2010. Under this new US$11.2 million contract awarded by NuCoastal (Thailand) Limited (NTL), the Lewek Champion will provide transportation, installation, accommodation, and heavylift services ; primarily to install two offshore platforms and one pipeline (subject to NTL’s commercial success at Songkhla ‘B’) in support of NuCoastal’s expansion into 2 new locations in the Gulf of Thailand. EOC’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr Lim Kwee Keong, said: “The pace of deployment of the Lewek Champion reflects the strong and growing demand for offshore construction and production services in the oil and gas sector, and we are optimally positioned to capitalise on these opportunities with our young and well-equipped vessels. The award is expected to contribute positively to the Group’s earnings.” The Lewek Champion is currently engaged in a pipe laying project in Malaysia and has been fully deployed since it joined EOC’s fleet in August 2007. The Group’s two accommodation crane barges, the Lewek Conqueror and the Lewek Chancellor, have been kept busy since they joined the fleet in 2004 and 2007 respectively. Early this year, the Lewek Conqueror was awarded a five-year time-charter contract to 2014 for accommodation and construction support work. ABOUT THE COMPANY www.emasoffshore-cnp.com Oslo BØrs listing: October 2007 EOC Limited offers offshore construction & floating production services and installation & commissioning work as well as transportation services that support the entire life cycle of offshore oil & gas production. It manages two heavy lift accommodation crane barges, the Lewek Conqueror and the Lewek Chancellor; a dynamically positioned heavy lift accommodation pipelay vessel, the Lewek Champion; and a floating production, storage and offloading unit, the Lewek Arunothai. These vessels are utilised in various support activities that last through facility development, production, operations, maintenance and abandonment. The firm operates in the Australia, Brunei, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Middle East, Philippines and Thailand, and is an associate company of Singapore Exchange-listed Ezra Holdings Limited, the largest owner/operator of an integrated range of offshore support vessels for charter across a broad spectrum of the oil & gas offshore support services supply chain. FOR FURTHER ENQUIRIES MR CHAN ENG YEW EOC LIMITED +65 9792 8616 engyew.chan@emasoffshore-cnp.com MS HUANG YINGLING OAKTREE ADVISERS +65 9026 6839 yingling@oaktreeadvisers.com MR QUEK HONG SOON OAKTREE ADVISERS +65 9048 5298 hongsoon@oaktreeadvisers.com Other media releases on the company can be accessed at www.oaktreeadvisers.com


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