Emerging Technologies: first venture capital firm to join TelecomCity in Karlskrona

Leading Nordic VC company expands its operations in Scandinavia: Emerging Technologies: first venture capital firm to join TelecomCity in Karlskrona Emerging Technologies has become associate member of TelecomCity, a net- work of technology companies, local universities and the public sector in the fast-growing city of Karlskrona. The move is in line with the com- pany's strategy of building a broad and strong base in the network econ- omy. The region already plays an important role in Sweden and, increas- ingly, internationally in the IT-sector. Emerging Technologies will esta- blish an office in Karlskrona before year-end and will strive for becoming a full member. Through TelecomCity, a number of world leading companies cooperate with higher education and society, for growth, profitability, successful educa- tion and research in a soft but commercial environment. More than 40 com- panies currently form part of the network and more than 5,000 people are employed in the local telecommunications, information technology and media companies. A climate of business like cooperation characterizes the net- work, which creates unique conditions for development. As much as 17 per cent of the work force in the region is employed in the sector and the re- gion is home to Sweden's only IT university. Comments Håkan Östling, who will represent Emerging Technologies in the TelecomCity Board. "The county of Blekinge is a very dynamic and exciting region. The systematic efforts by TelecomCity in especially Karlskrona over the past decade have started to pay dividends, and the future should hold a vast of interesting opportunities for venture capital firms with technology focus. We are very enthusiastic to be part of this". Tage Dolk, head of TelecomCity, says: "This is the first time we are in- viting venture capital firms to join TelecomCity, we believe their capital and international networks should add value to the cooperation and help the region further develop itself". Emerging Technologies AB is northern Europe's leading pure venture capital company within the network economy, with strong focus on the Internet, mo- bile applications and infrastructure. For additional information: Håkan Östling, Partner, Emerging Technologies. Tel +0733-872012. Peter Sandberg, CEO, Emerging Technologies. Tel: +0733-872001. www.emergingtechnologies.se ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT http://www.bit.se The following files are available for download: http://www.bit.se/bitonline/2000/09/19/20000919BIT00980/bit0001.doc http://www.bit.se/bitonline/2000/09/19/20000919BIT00980/bit0002.pdf

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